Adopt an Opinion Uncle: The Most Controversial Dating Site… and fun!

Do you know of any dating websites where the female sex is in complete control? I do, and if you want to know more, stay tuned for Adopt an Uncle opinions. A revolutionary platform that turns the market upside down thanks to the curious theme of the site and the controversy generated. Enough to be among the best dating sites? We’ll find out here.

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It is a dating site that has given a twist to the more traditional way of flirting in which women are the protagonists, having to choose their male partner who are placed in a display case as if they were a supermarket product.


Innovative and original proposal.
The platform is entertaining, intuitive and easy to use.
Good number of users online all the time.
Free, fast and secure registration process.


They only accept payment by credit card.
The subscription price is above average.
The “spells” of the payment plan do not seem to be enough.
User Rating: 2.5 (2 votes)

What is Adopt an Uncle?

In France, a dating site called Adopteunmec was born some time ago. It’s just a website where girls can “buy” an uncle. Well, until recently, this page was only available in the French country, however, it has been brought to Spain under the name of Adopt an Uncle. It works on the same principle. A kind of virtual store in which, this time, the male gender is a “product”. Isn’t it fun? I think so, but a soap opera has been created because of this revolutionary system.

At all times, it is the girls who are in control. They observe the “product” in the virtual showcases. Previously, the boys have completed their profile, formalized their registration and are placed on shelves, like a can of tuna. Now they just have to wait for a consumer to choose the product and throw it into her shopping cart. Have you ever seen a box of cereal talking to people so they can buy it? Well, men can’t do that either and they can only start an interaction if a woman wants to.

You’ll get an idea of where the controversy begins. Men feeling like vulgar objects and adding that it is a sexist page. Well, nothing, the strategy of the founders at least has aroused the interest and curiosity of many people, especially those who frequent platforms to get dates.

How does work?

It is really simple, especially for men, who must complete a profile and learn to use a tool available known as spells. However, it is women who play the most part. The boys, after registering and completing an interesting and striking profile, have at hand a little trick called spell. What is it for? To call the attention of some aunt. You just send it to her and cross your fingers so that the damn spell does something and that chick you’re so interested in keeps an eye on you, throws you in the cart and pays for you.

But beware, you only have three spells a day! So, kids, you have to use them wisely. It’s possible to get a couple more spells, but first you’ll have to invite ten of your friends to register on Certainly, that’s one reason why it’s easy to get a guy to adopt negative opinions.

Eventually, a girl will want to take the product, but first she will check the expiration date, the ingredients and the general quality of the product. A notification will appear on the screen when a girl wants to know more about you and finally get in touch.

Another notification is the shopping cart. This is much more exciting because it means that some girl has chosen you as her favorite. She is very interested in you. Hopefully, she will make the purchase and you will be taken off the shelves. Eureka!

There are other icons too. The one with the eye, for example, will inform you if someone has visited your profile: when and who. It is a way of knowing that, at least, someone has seen you. The search button is also very important because you can search by applying filters of proximity, general appearance, age and so on.

Adopt an uncle’s opinions from the registry:

If it has called your attention, then surely you will be interested in registering. As for the registration procedure, adopt an uncle opinions has very positive. Firstly, because it is simple and in a few minutes the user is ready to be part of this fun community. It only requires a verifiable email, gender and date of birth. Little more than that.

When the registration process is complete, the website will require the completion of an equally simple form. It involves entering data such as a password to log in to the account, a username, the zip code and the city where you reside to enhance the search engine experience and efficiency. Finally, all that remains is to agree to the platform’s terms of use. I must take this opportunity to warn you that there are many small letters and it is common to see users with their accounts blocked for breaking some rule.

The third and final step is to upload profile photos to the platform. A really decisive step for the success you can have on the page. You can choose up to 8 photos, and one of them will remain as the main profile picture. This image will be seen by all the girls and should make a good impression. In this step it is also convenient to include data such as height, occupation, hobbies, tastes, among others.

Free registration!… But better to pay the premium subscription.

As it is, anyone can register without paying a single euro, but as you all know, free subscriptions offer little and nothing. So the recommendation is to opt for the Premium membership if you don’t want to experience a lot of frustration. The big question is how much does it cost? Is it worth it?

There are two types of premium subscriptions and they both last for one quarter:

VIP Unlimited

As the name suggests, this is a very exclusive subscription. It offers multiple advantages over other accounts to make a significant difference. It’s like going to a store and looking at the most exclusive products inside the showcases. In this case, the user has a greater exposure and visibility and usually shines on the cover of the girls. In addition, there are unlimited spells and the possibility of connecting at any time, regardless of how conglomerate the place is. The price of this subscription is 59.70 euros in Spain and it lasts 3 months.


For almost a third of the payment of the VIP account (20.70 ?) you can also get a Priority account. What does it offer? 10 extra spells daily for a total of 13 and priority connection during peak hours.

I make it clear that not being a premium member takes away the chances of linking enormously because the free membership will hardly be able to be online during the hours when there is the most traffic. If you’re not on the shelves when the buyers come in, how will c*ñ* they buy from you? You must subscribe.

Compare the Adopt-a-Uncle subscription price to Meetic’s rates.

Adopt an Uncle on your mobile

I would categorize it as a fairly common dating application, with few new features beyond its style itself. But at least it has everything that an app of this type demands today. For example, the already popular functionality of scrolling profiles and indicating whether you give it a thumbs up or not. The one that already made Tinder famous. Hopefully, if both of them are interested in each other, then it can make way for contact.

On the other hand, the rest of the uses are basically the same as you will find on the computer. The geolocator works quite well, however, as usual in this type of tools, it consumes too much battery. Of course, you can send spells on any kind of subscription you have. The application (adopt an app guy) is available for iOs and Android cell phones at.

Adopt an uncle’s opinion: The best… and the worst ☹

There is no doubt that the best thing about this website is the originality and uniqueness of the idea. It was time to see something different and in this sense, adopt an uncle exceeds my expectations. Apart from all the criticism from those with “principles”.
It is amusing that the exchanges take place simulating such an everyday activity as shopping.
You usually find people entertaining and fun. Of course it is because they are more liberal people than in the rest of the platforms.
The interface and use is completely intuitive. Despite being a new and ingenious system, it is still very easy for everyone.
Many users are online, especially at times when the highest number of active people are registered.

But, everything is not rosy and there are a few things that people don’t like and I didn’t like them at all:

  • The free subscription is the most useless of all the platforms because it will only allow you to be online when there are almost no people. What’s the point?
  • Most users agree that the 10 daily spells granted by the Priority subscription are too few.
  • There are more important platforms like Meetic with significantly lower subscription prices (Read our analysis on Meetic.
  • Payment methods: credit cards only. It’s amazing that they don’t accept payments with an e-wallet as important as PayPal.

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