Best Dating Sites for the 50+: Get paired up today!

Choosing the right dating page is usually not an easy task. It usually takes a couple of attempts, or even more. The variety and options offered are varied, but when it comes to mature pages, it’s even more complicated. However, because there is a less varied range, it also makes the choice a little easier. There are not many reputable and successful mature websites. These sites have to be developed perfectly to make them effective and at the same time, easy to use for this audience. So, if you’re this age, single and don’t know which site to turn to, these are the best over-50 dating sites you can trust:

Ourtime has become one of the best dating sites for the over 50’s in recent times. There are two very logical reasons for this. Firstly, it is very easy to use and secondly, it offers good results to everyone who registers. Some of the features it includes are sending private messages to other users, giving Like to profiles, meeting people near you, among others.

If you want to join Ourtime, all you have to do is download the application from Google Play or App Store, as appropriate, and create an account. Creating such an account involves completing a series of forms and providing data for personalization. When you have finished completing the profile, you are ready to start the activity: searching for other singles’ profiles by applying filters to try to find the ideal match. Additionally, Ourtime sends its users a list of potential matches, following the characteristics of your profile. As you probably want to know more about Ourtime, you can read the full review of this site in our Ourtime review article.

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2. Singles50

Unlike Ourtime, Solteros 50 is much more located in Spain. It has permeated very well and is spreading more and more every day. At the same time, it works like any other conventional dating site, however, the public that registers here is looking for a stable couple with an age of 50 and over. Solteros 50 is recognized by its users and is among the best dating sites in this category thanks to the good reviews and comments from its users.

Solteros 50’s greatest strength is its strength in security and privacy. People can rest assured that their information is only shared with those they want it to be shared with.  And what about effectiveness. The strength and popularity it brings greatly helps people succeed when they are looking for a partner. Dating sites that have built up some prestige are often very expensive, but this is not the case with Solteros 50. Prices are kept affordable for everyone. Do you want to know what features are enabled with the paid subscription? Find out in the full summary we made of the various Solteros 50 Reviews.

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3. eDarling: in the dispute between the best over-50 dating sites

It’s one of Meetic’s strongest skills, but unlike Meetic, eDarling is more competent when it comes to getting a partner over 50. One of the best over-50 dating sites in existence right now thanks to the strength and reliability of its platform. What sets it apart and puts it in such a good position is the quality of the profiles and the amount of features that the user has. From the moment of registration, the person completes his or her profile and a personality test that will help him or her get people of good compatibility.

eDarling is full of features that encourage user interaction, such as giving “I like” profiles and photos, exchanging smiles, sending private messages, even finding out who sees your profile. There’s much more to eDarling with the activation of the premium membership. If you’re interested in learning more about this site, I recommend you read our article where you’ll find out what people think about eDarling.

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4. Love50

From the information that has been collected about this site, it appears that it is a page still under construction. Like the previous ones, it is intended for a mature public, over 50 years old, but there is not much information on how it works. So far it does not have a compatibility test or many other requirements to complete the profile.

One function is “discover”, which shows search results, but without the option to apply any filters. And the other is to send messages to contacts, but that is only enabled with the payment of a small subscription. However, it is difficult to find the place of payment and even more difficult for them to approve the profile created. After a few days, the profiles are still waiting to be approved. For the moment, Amor50 is not a recommended site.


On paper, Cupid For Seniors is a dating site for mature people to help them find a partner. It has a record almost like any other similar page and should work the same way. However, at first glance anyone can see that it is not a site that inspires much credibility and trust.

Cupid For Seniors tries to persuade people with the fact that it is difficult for a 50 year old adult to relate to others, make new friendships, among others, but that on this site, they will find people in their same situation. With the tools it offers you will be able to contact many people and find a partner. Again, that’s the theory. Until now, it has not been possible to test the website and check this information. Although for obvious reasons, it does not seem to be real. There are better dating sites for the over 50’s than this site.

6. Senior Dating

Cita Senior has the potential to be one of the best dating sites for the over 50’s very soon. It’s a site that is well worked out and friendly thanks to its resemblance to a social network we are all familiar with. Young and old know how a social network works, but if not, Cita Senior is a super intuitive site. The advantages it offers go beyond just finding a partner, you can also make new friends and meet people who live in your area.

As usual, you don’t have to pay any amount for registration, which is also fast and safe. Once inside, you can perform searches by applying different filters and so on, so that you get results more in line with your interests. Although it is quite necessary, there are similar pages that do not even have this function. It is a page that can soon give of that to speak and that takes an excellent projection for the near future.

7. More than50

Masde50 is a hitherto little known dating site for mature people. What makes it different from all the previous ones is that the people who register here not only come to find a stable partner, but there is also room for mature people who only want an adventure, a sporadic encounter, a fleeting relationship. In this sense, Masde50 is a more open and flexible place. This has attracted the attention of more people recently.

In fact, it is said to be a suitable place for those who, at a mature age, still live intensely the relationships and want a little spice in their lives. If you want to join this site, the registration is kept open and free. It may be the right place for what you are looking for at this age. It also has search filters such as: marital status, age, and even the type of encounter you are looking for, for example, adventures, a serious date, a casual encounter, among others.

Why use a dating site when you’re over 50?

Many people reach 50 and for one reason or another are single. However, at this age it is not the same as in youth. Clubs or discos are no longer the best option, social life has decreased remarkably, work and other responsibilities take time away from meeting new people, among others. It is a much greater challenge, but thanks to technology and the development of dating sites exclusively for the over 50’s, this goal is noticeably easier.

Using a dating site at this age is currently the best option. It is an ally that will facilitate the topic of finding an ideal partner, the one you have been looking for a long time. When there is no time to go to public sites to meet people, you just have to trust the Internet, the best ally. A very valuable reason why you should try these sites is that thousands of other people in your same situation meet here. They are all for the same thing, so all registered people are potential partners for you, something you won’t find in any nightclub.

Another important reason is that here you have the possibility to control or manipulate a little more to your taste and convenience the people you want to meet. By applying search filters, such as location, size, hobbies and other aspects relevant to you, you will find compatible people more easily.

Every day more and more people choose this alternative, making the catalog of options even more fattening for you. Another good reason to use the best dating sites for the 50+ is that they are really easy to use. If you are not very used to using a computer, don’t worry. It doesn’t take much experience. These sites are really intuitive and easy to use, for both an expert and a beginner. In short, you should use a dating site at 50 because the chances of getting a partner are multiplied.

How do you choose a good dating site when you’re over 50?

There are thousands of dating sites on the internet, but the vast majority of them bring together a group of young people. For the mature public there are less to choose from and scams are everywhere. You need to be very careful to choose a decent and successful dating site. There are different criteria to evaluate that will lead you to the best choice among them are

  • The demographic criteria. Don’t get carried away simply because a site has millions of subscribers. What’s the point of registering on a site with so many subscribers, but the vast majority of them are thousands of miles away? Look for local or really huge sites that guarantee a good number of results near your area.
  • Do some research on the reviews and comments of users who have already tried the site. Their experience will be valuable to know what to expect from that site.
  • Choose a page that includes a detailed advanced search, where you can set up a few filters and get accurate results that are more compatible with what you’re really interested in.
  • Start by choosing among the best dating sites for the over-50s. These are established sites, used by millions of people and have earned a good reputation. This is the case with Ourtime, Solteros50 or eDarling.

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