How a Kid Likes It Just by Following These 7 Recommendations

There’s a guy you like and you’re serious, you’re determined to go for it and that’s the attitude. However, the first obstacle you have to work with is getting him to like you too. Do you want the man you like so much to feel the same way about you? How a guy likes you can become a complicated task at times because you can’t force anyone to feel the same way you do. But what you can do is make sure that his feelings for you start to grow. That’s why I’ve prepared this useful article with recommendations to help you make love to the boy you like little by little. The most important thing is that with these tips you don’t have to stop being yourself. So let’s get it over with:

1. How to make a boy like you by being yourself

There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not to get by all means a man to feel something for you. Besides the fact that it is not easy at all, in the end it turns out to be a complete waste of time. Keep in mind that you cannot act forever and sooner or later you will be disappointed and the end of what you have started will come. On the other hand, children are very clever at sensing this behavior and will feel that they are not with a genuine person at all. When a person is constantly pretending to be someone else, it is impossible for them to be relaxed. It is not enough to believe it because your looks, gestures and behavior speak for themselves and you will soon be exposed.

Nerves are normal in the first place, but it is not an emotional state that helps too much in giving you an attractive and sexy appearance. The worst part is that no matter what you tell yourself that this is really you, the truth is that putting it into practice is more difficult than it seems. So, the question is: what can you do?

Focus on your inner self, like when you were a child. I’m not saying you’re selfish or innocent, but rather get to the essence of who you really are.
Help yourself by writing down each of your qualities on a piece of paper. Just don’t think about it too much and only write down the positive. Perhaps you are friendly, creative, imaginative and fun. Are these the characteristics that best define who you are? Write down as many as you like.
Only when you are able to recognize who you are and be aware of your best qualities will others perceive it, want to know you better and spend time with you.

2. Talk about topics you are passionate about

We all love to talk about what we like. If his interests are different, for example, he likes music and you don’t like it so much, it doesn’t matter, make an effort to touch on that subject. It will make him feel special and that you really interest him. Take advantage of asking him questions and he will be happy to answer them all. You will learn a little more about him and see how his mood changes when he talks to you about what he likes.

Ask him questions about his hobbies, find out what he likes best, his favorite activities in his free time, and so on. When he tells you he likes to listen to music, don’t stop there and start digging deeper. Ask more specific questions by showing curiosity about the topic. Hopefully, it will be something you barely know about and he will be happy to teach you about it. His tastes may be very different, but you should show an interest in what he likes.

This way, little by little, you will get to know him better, going deeper and deeper. As he feels confident, he will tell you about his most important goals in life, which motivates him to keep going. What I can assure you is that as long as you show interest in what you want to hear, he will feel more flattered and comfortable with you. This is something that is pleasant in all human beings and it is indispensable that you use it to your advantage.

But what if the person you like has just been seen? First of all you have to propitiate the encounter. Read our post on how to break the ice with someone.

3. How to like a guy: Give him his space

One of the most frequent mistakes, and at the same time, the most harmful, is to invade the space of the boy you like. Remember that you are still only “friends”. If you want to contain him just for you, then you can give him up. It is not that men are afraid of compromises, but that nobody wants to lose his freedom at the hands of another person who does not allow him to do what he likes. You don’t want to be that girl, do you? Just don’t abuse it and give it its space.

No couple succeeds when they can’t give each other a space of privacy. It’s not healthy to approach him with calls and messages day and night. Much less demand explanations of where she is, who she is with and why. Even if you think you are showing interest, it is behavior that is widely unwanted by (all) men. Write it down and always remember it. On the contrary, if you let him share with others without questioning him, it will be an act of great value to him and you will have earned many points. Sweet!

4. How a Boy Likes You: Learn the Flirting Technique

Flirting is one of the first ways to get a boy to like you and get your attention. You immediately make him notice that you feel something. For some women, flirting seems to be in their nature, but for many others it is not so easy. It goes far beyond a look and touch. You have to learn to flirt before you take a chance and ruin everything. Luckily, you can learn to flirt with a little practice.

First you have to identify some of the problems we face when flirting a little with a guy. The most important one is nerves, even more so when you are really in love with him. One of the best ways to understand what flirting is is to know that it is a kind of communication. It serves to send a message, it is your opportunity to show him who you are, to show your personality with a clearly different shade than you do with other people around you. On the other hand, never expect him to do the work. After all, you are the one who likes him and not the other way around. (For now). You are trying to conquer him little by little. When you are the one who takes the initiative, you give him your full attention and that is exciting.

Techniques for flirting:
Eye contact: Women tend to look away from the guy they like. It’s a matter of nerves and/or shyness. But that won’t be you. Look for eye contact, smile and dare to wink at him. Eye contact is a very clear demonstration of confidence.
Direct his attention to your lips: Lubricated, shiny and striking lips will provoke the gaze of any man. Make the most of that tool and show them off.
Greet him last: When you meet him in a group of people, don’t greet him until the end. He may feel a little ignored at first, but leave him last so he can see a difference in how you greeted others and how you greeted him.
Let go of any compliment: Any compliment about a part of his body will please him. It could be his hands, his nose or his smile. Watch his reaction when you say it and you will see that he will like it. Most women won’t dare say something similar to him, but you will and you’ve already taken advantage of it. It’s important to be careful with compliments because abusing them could make it very clear that you would do anything for him and that makes you a ‘pushover’. Remember that men enjoy wooing and working to get a girl. The only purpose of your compliments is to make him want to court you.

5. Look good, feel good

As the LMFAO song says, I’m sexy and I know it. Nothing, but nothing is more attractive than a woman when she dresses well, when she feels good and transmits it. Attraction starts with the eyes and your appearance will depend largely on your success. I’m not talking exclusively about your attributes, but I am talking about looking beautiful, about being well-groomed.

In many opportunities you have already read about the importance of taking care of your appearance and many tips, such as wearing heels, wearing your hair in a certain way, among others. Certainly all these things add up to a lot, but as long as they make you feel comfortable, otherwise you’re wasting your efforts. You need to expand your thinking and understand that feeling great is not about meeting other people’s expectations, but your own. Do you want the formula for how a guy likes you? Start here.

Your goal is to find a way to externalize your inner sensuality, the one that really gives you confidence. That can be perceived in the air without much effort and it certainly melts any man. By all means, avoid overacting.

6. It provokes physical contact

This recommendation goes very much in line with the issue of flirting. In principle, there is a kind of barrier that prevents them from touching each other. Try to break it at the right time and you will see how almost automatically he will start looking at you in a more intimate way.

The physical contact causes a chain reaction and the first thing it senses is that you feel comfortable being close to it. Basically, that’s what you want to happen. If the boy already has feelings for you, that little touch will serve as a more than obvious signal that he should act. Don’t be afraid to touch him. Just find the right moment and take advantage of it. For example, he told you something that made you laugh, touch his hand or his arm. You will notice it immediately and feel that he should pay you back in the same way.

7. Never talk about your ex!

If you don’t know how to make a guy like you, these recommendations above will be a great help to you. However, among the many topics of conversation that might come up in the first few encounters, there is one that you should avoid at all costs. Talk about your ex! It seems obvious, but for a strange reason, it is a very frequent mistake to end up mentioning that being without even planning it. There’s no room for that right now and your guy will thank you for it.

We are tempted when we see the differences between our ex and the guy we are meeting, but those comparisons are better left to your imagination or to tell your friends. No one likes to feel that they are being compared to someone else, no matter how good it is to say something good. Make every effort to avoid the subject altogether.

If you’re thinking about how a specific guy might like you, but while you’re constantly talking to him you’re comparing him to your ex and still thinking about him, then you’re probably not as in love with the new guy as you thought.

The rules of the game change dramatically when you try to do this at work. Therefore, we recommend that you learn some tricks to flirt at work without being discovered.

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