How to be irresistible to men: This is how you get a boy’s attention

At some point in her life, a woman feels a special obsession with a man. It is absolutely normal that she wants to get close and be together indefinitely. However, achieving that goal is not so simple. A woman who learns how to be irresistible to men manages to seem really attractive and tempting enough to resist. Men are all around her like a carrion bird. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s just an incomprehensible attraction.

To reach this level, it is essential to develop a few tricks, work on yourself and seduce him in a way that he has never experienced with any other woman. Do you want a man to desire you and melt away at the mere sight of you? Then in this article you will find all the information and advice to be that woman that everyone wants publicly or secretly.

Remember that the most important thing to know and feel irresistible is that self-confidence is stimulated. In fact, when a woman reflects a personality of trust and confidence, she automatically becomes sexy and attractive to any man. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

What does a man find attractive about a woman?

When you meet a man and he catches your eye it is nothing but his attractiveness that made you stop and look. No one can fall in love if they don’t first feel some desire for the physical one. At least, that’s what almost everyone admits. It applies to both genders. Everyone tries to look their best to make a good impression. Besides, there are several ways to achieve it. For example, nowadays, the most frequent is the use of social networks, where most of us take advantage of posting our best photos and thus attract the attention of that boy.

But is appearance the only thing a man finds attractive in a woman? Certainly not. The reality is very different, because while preferences in a woman’s physical features, such as height, curves and skin color, play a major role in making a man like her, these are not all the characteristics or the most important ones that a man considers as sexy or irresistible. We started because everything revolves more around personality and behavior than physical appearance. Keep in mind that your energy, personality, sense of humor, among others, are the things that attract a man the most, even above a perfect figure or a magazine face. This is the key to getting a guy’s attention.

1. How to be irresistible to men? By being confident

It is the number one point because ultimately, trust is 50% of all work. You must understand that showing confidence in yourself is what attracts a man most. Don’t think it’s a matter of chance, on the contrary, there is an excellent reason. I tell you that if you can’t change anything about your physical appearance, don’t lose hope because it’s not the priority. First of all, work on your confidence and you will see how you begin to achieve results in the short term.

Confidence is sexy and is the most essential attribute. It is how you behave in front of a man that drives him crazy or not. Not only do I say this, science has shown that confident women are more attractive in the eyes of men. And not only do they look at you differently, but you see yourself differently. When you look at yourself with different eyes, you stop looking at guys who aren’t really your type, or your possible ideal partner. Automatically, your aspirations go up and you feel you deserve better.

Don’t underestimate the fact that men fall in love with the physical, but a woman with personality will always keep him close. So, put your best effort to make your confidence grow and show that boy your attributes and qualities. Let your sense of humor flow, but also use sensual language to drive him crazy. He will be completely obsessed with you in no time.

2. Be independent

There is a close link between a woman’s independence and confidence. Both offer many benefits and are critical in how to be irresistible to men. You don’t have to just pretend to be busy with multiple tasks and responsibilities. In fact, you should be busy enough to make it a little hard to match him. Why do I recommend this? Because proving that you are a busy woman is proving that you are independent and also doing what you want to do to be happy. You choose the activities of your preference to enjoy life. Never forget that a man should always improve this state, never replace it.

3. Smiling is attractive, do it often!

A smile is a very powerful tool that can work in (almost) any situation. Whether in a job interview, or with the man you’re flirting with, have you ever seen a man you didn’t find so attractive, but only after seeing him smile everything changed? Now you do find him attractive. It is very common. It also happens that he suddenly brings a smile or a laugh to your face and changes your perception of him completely.

There is no doubt that laughter and smiles are very effective ingredients to attract those around you. You probably know that women love men with humor and that they make them laugh, but did you know that they like you to laugh at their jokes? That’s right. If he tells you something and you know he wants to make you laugh, do it. Laugh, he’ll be happy and he’ll like you more.

4. Patience: key to being irresistible to men

Love is a very deep feeling, and as such, it takes time to grow, moreover, one has to be more than lucky to find someone to love and be reciprocated at the first attempt. That’s not the way things work with love. Give yourself the freedom to meet more than one at a time, go out with up to three different guys for a while and have the chance to choose the one that suits you best, with whom you have the best feeling. That’s what patience is all about in these cases, not making a rash decision by staying with the first man who comes along.

When there is more than one, you will see how all will want to stay with you. They will all want to fight for you and it is up to you to choose the one you like best, or the one you love. Certainly, sometimes getting a date is a little frustrating, especially if you’re 40 or older. However, rushing to find the right man is absolutely counterproductive, in fact, you are more likely to end up with a broken heart. Men seem to be sensitive to despair. If you go out of your way to convince him that he’s the right man for you, you’ll be driving him away. Patience and waiting for the moment is how to be irresistible to a man.

5. A charming fragrance

While almost all women focus their greatest attention on their attire and makeup so that they are attractive to the eye, fragrance deserves as much or more attention. Never neglect it. Perfume is one of the biggest components of attraction. Despite being more subtle and not visible, a fragrance is much more powerful than the finest and most branded clothing.

Fragrances also provoke different responses when it comes to attraction. Men love vanilla, fruits, rose essence, lily, among others. The key is to find the perfume that is compatible with your pheromones and that also makes you feel sexy and conformable.

6. Leave some mystery that he wants to discover

How to be irresistible to men? One of the many answers to that question is to know that guys like women who don’t reveal everything, who keep things to themselves. Have you heard the saying that a woman without secrets is like a sky without stars? There is nothing to discover.

If you already have your eye on the man you like and want all to yourself, then don’t tell him all about yourself on the first date. Instead, give him only bits of information. Only then will you be forcing him to make a greater effort if he wants to meet you. Curiosity is tremendous and will make you feel better as he will be more interested in you.

When looking for a partner for a formal relationship, men disregard those women who are served up on a silver platter. “She’s an easy girl,” they will say, and that’s that. On the other hand, a woman with a certain mystery arouses curiosity because they want to know what they are hiding. Do you think she likes you but you are not sure? Men give many clues when they are in love. Know them all in our article 9 symptoms of a man in love.

7. Make him aware of your interest

There is no way to be irresistible to men if you don’t even show an interest in him. The chances of that boy noticing your presence exist if you let yourself be noticed. You can only do that by showing interest in him. Automatically, his ego will rise, and that’s a good thing. Every man is flattered when a woman takes an interest in him, it raises his self-esteem and his ego. The chances are that he wants to know more about you are also better.

When a woman plays this game well, no man can resist her and be interested in knowing a little more about her. Also, he will not only be interested in your physical appearance, but as a person. When I say that a woman knows how to use this tool it is because she does not exaggerate. You have to be very careful with this because an excessive interest will only drive him away. And I understand that because a woman like that is uncomfortable (and even geeky). It’s a question of keeping the balance and not losing dignity in this situation.

8. Positive attitude!

Although relationships are about being happy and loving each other, it’s not great to start a relationship just to heal the wounds. By this I mean that your mood must be very good, with a positive mind. Why? Because men hate it when women only talk about their problems, about the depression that overwhelms them, about their sadness and negativity. Forget that this way you will be irresistible to any man.

Men want a happy, interesting woman who wants to get to know them better, not one who only shares their dramas, problems and misfortunes. If this is your case, it is better to change your mentality, erase your tape and assume an attitude as positive as possible. That’s why you need the best version of yourself. If you are sad, give yourself a second chance to be happy.

Start smiling, talking about positive and optimistic issues so that life and that guy you like so much will smile back at you too. Think about it, you don’t get anything out of being sad or depressed about that bad experience you had in the past. That state of mind will not change at all the current situation in which you find yourself. What will change it is your actions. Positive attitude and good mood are crucial in how to be irresistible to men.


How to be irresistible to men is not a question of where you grew up, what you do for a living, your preferences or your appearance. In fact, all of you are capable of attracting the man you like best. The key is for you to focus on your confidence, your inner beauty and charm and not on trying to be or become what you think men want. If you want to attract a man and have him stay with you for a long time, then don’t pretend to be someone else. Even if you succeed in attracting him by this method, it is impossible to maintain this facade forever and he will eventually leave your side. Be authentic and be yourself.

If the boy you met, but is not currently close to you geographically, that is not an impediment to starting a relationship. Don’t be disappointed. In fact, you can also read our article on how to manage a successful long-distance relationship.

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