How to Break the Ice with a Girl You Like. Follow These Steps!

Why is it sometimes so hard to talk to a girl for the first time? There are many reasons why an individual gets stuck taking the first step. The most important ones have to do with anxiety, fear of rejection, not knowing what words to use, or even what that person will think. The situation tends to get worse when its beauty jumps out at everyone. Well, in short, the key to breaking the ice with a girl lies mainly in showing enough confidence in yourself. A good dose of confidence greatly reduces tension and will make the approach natural and fun.

Breaking the ice doesn’t seem to be that easy, but with a little practice you will keep the situation under control and leave a good first impression. However, what is the worst case scenario? You don’t have much to lose, but you might regret not taking the plunge. In this situation, the enabler is always at a disadvantage because behind all your words there is a kind of “I like you, and you like me? Then, the other person will always have the last word. We must learn how to break the ice with a girl to increase the chances of success.

1. Look as good as you can

All relationships begin with a look. If you really like a girl and you want to talk to her for the first time, before she listens to you, she will look at you and from that moment on the game begins. If you don’t look good, then it will be hard to get her attention. Of course, I’m not talking about you having to look like Brad Pitt or Cristiano Ronaldo. The essential thing is that you look and feel good yourself, with enough confidence to make your move.

We’re talking about clothing, cleanliness and your hygiene. There are times when you meet a girl at the mall or on the street and you must act independently of how you look, there is no other choice. However, sometimes it’s a girl who’s been in your sights for several days now. That’s when you can best prepare for the situation and that starts with increasing your confidence by just dressing better. It’s important to note that looking good is a mandatory rule rather than a technique as such, so it must be present in each of the techniques you’ll read below.

Instead of exposing yourself, why not let her invest a little bit first? A “favor” is the perfect excuse for them to do something for you. Think of something simple, like having them provide you with a napkin or whatever, depending on where you are. That’s good, but I like the old reliable “could you look at my things for a moment while I get the tea”, you leave, come back immediately, thank them and you have enough excuses to start a conversation. Any trick as simple as this will work quite well.

3. Ask for an opinion

Admittedly, most women are comfortable expressing an opinion or giving advice, not to say that they like it. It is one of the most effective and productive techniques because if you are lucky, that girl will be happy to say everything she thinks about it. One of the most casual and well known situations is when buying a certain product, but you “are not sure what it is, what it is for or if it is a good choice”. So, the trick is simply to ask a woman’s opinion about that product. If she doesn’t like it, ask her to recommend another one, depending on how the conversation flows.

If you think it’s already too cliché and repeated, or rather because you’re not in a place to buy it, then ask her opinion about something else. For example, any situation that has come up with you with a friend or family member then you don’t know what to do. Women are able to see these circumstances from other perspectives and that makes them right for a situation like this. Again, with a little luck, you will get her interested and she will start talking to you.

4. Don’t use corny phrases

In addition to knowing how to break the ice with a girl, it’s also good to be aware of how not to do it. So I take this space to highlight what NOT to do. Take note. A very bad idea is to use cheesy phrases because they’re already out of fashion. My little friend, don’t do it. Even if you think that with a cheesy phrase you’ll attract the attention of the girl you like, you’ll actually be running her. You’ll make a very pathetic impression. What she’ll think is that you’re taking the situation as a game.

Don’t even look for ‘interesting’ words or phrases to get her attention because you’ll be doing just the opposite. This is about being yourself, about being casual and showing confidence. There are many other ways to generate good conversation and this is the last one you should try. You don’t have to start with anything that is too cloying.

You can save that for much later in one of your appointments. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old. However, if you are over 40 and looking for a steady partner, I suggest you go to our post on how to find a steady partner if you are 40+.

How do you get the conversation going?

After getting their attention and exchanging a couple of words, the first 2 or 3 critical minutes come. This is the most uncomfortable and critical time for the conversation to take off.

1. Ask simple questions

At this point it’s good to ask a couple of questions just out of curiosity and take the opportunity to flirt a little. What you want to imply is that you are interested, but you don’t need to ask too deep questions. Focus on simple topics to keep the conversation flowing.

What do you have in mind now? I’m thinking right now of finding out a little bit about your favorite hobbies, if you have any pets, how you like to have fun, and so on. Also keep in mind the context in which she is and not ask questions that are out of place. Avoid making her feel like she is being interrogated. Remember that she should not only give you information. What you tell her is also important because she will know who you are, if you share her tastes and interests and more.

2. Listen to her carefully

During the first few minutes, many things are happening at the same time. Besides the fact that you are most likely more nervous than usual, you must watch the flow of the conversation. In addition, you must pay close attention to what she is saying. That way, you will show her that you are interested in her and that you didn’t just talk to her for the sake of it.

What do I recommend? That you focus your eyes on hers only without getting distracted by looking around. Show that she has your full attention. It goes without saying that this is a bad time to pick up your cell phone. Not at all. Also, when she’s talking, let her speak fluently and don’t interrupt her. If you pay attention to her and later highlight something she has said previously, it is a strong demonstration that you were listening carefully.

3. Give her a smile

I leave for the end the most powerful tool you can use to gain the interest and the pleasure of any woman you like. This is the best weapon to break the ice with a girl: make her laugh. Few things give such good results when trying to please a girl than getting a smile out of her. Immediately, her eyes towards you change from being someone else in the crowd to becoming the nicest.

On the other hand, at a time like this, a smile helps to reduce tension and embarrassment dramatically. Try to come up with something original to get a smile out of him. The sooner the better and the sooner you will have taken a big weight off your shoulders.

4. Ask her out

If you think that everything went well, there was good chemistry, it would not be completely crazy to ask her out. Depending on where you met her, you may never see her again. In this case, you should make sure that you at least have her contact. But ideally, you should make an appointment. If it is still too early for such a proposal, you can wait a bit and stay with her contact. Similarly, if you think you are not well prepared to ask a girl out, then my recommendation is that you read up on how to ask a girl out.

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