How to Find a Stable Partner Over 40: Do’s and Don’ts

No matter what age you are looking for love, it will always surprise you, it is always wonderful, but it always offers different nuances and challenges according to the stage of your life you are in. Have no doubt that 40 is a wonderful age to embark on the spectacular adventure of finding a partner. Why am I so sure about this? Because we adults have become braver, more intelligent, we can better understand things and it is undeniable that we are also sexier. These are great advantages that we can use to our advantage in finding a stable partner over 40.

Other positive aspects that add up to a lot is the fact that dating at this age is even more fun than in youth. With a notably more focused mindset, the probability of success in finding a suitable partner is higher. Don’t believe me? Just look at adult dating sites like Ourtime or Solteros 50 and realize the high success and satisfaction rate of their users.

Beyond being more mature than in youth, it is also true that, in theory, we are more financially stable. Acquired responsibilities also fill us with experiences and finally, past relationships have served as a lesson to not make the same mistakes. In general, it feels very different to start a relationship at this age. Positive for good, we all agree on that. Aren’t you excited about starting a new relationship? Learn throughout this article how to find a stable partner over 40!

1. Have a little patience

Perhaps asking for patience from a person looking for a partner at 40+ can sound a little frustrating, although not all of us arrive in the same situation. You’re probably like me, who played on the team that came out of a bad marriage experience. On the other hand, there are those who have been trying to get a partner for many years and have not been successful. For the latter it is more difficult to ask for patience, but there is no other alternative, unless you want to make a mistake. At this point patience is crucial and staying positive. Anything that supposedly serves to speed things up will end up delaying it even more. This is not the time to choose someone and make a mistake. The important thing is to wait a little longer because now you are on the right track.

Another good reason to be patient is that science has shown that love connections from the age of 40 onwards become deeper. Proof of this is the fact that in the last decade, the divorce rate has dropped by 15 to 20%. This is also due to the fact that people are postponing marriage as long as possible. By the time the day comes, they are full of experience, security and, in theory, a stronger economic situation. Maturity allows us to choose the couple that is best for us.

The latest good news in terms of being patient is that more and more people are leaving the search for a stable partner until they are 40. Now to more and better opportunities than several years ago.

2. Control your expectations on how to find a stable partner over 40

If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that life has taught us that not everything is what it seems. When it comes to finding a partner and meeting someone, it’s best to have your hopes up, but your expectations down. Why? Simply to reduce the margin of disappointment. The low expectations you have about the person you know will ease the pressure. If it turns out to be exactly what you are looking for, then you will be very happy and surprised. If, on the other hand, it’s not worth it in the end, then you were already emotionally prepared for it.

3. Start a date from scratch

Women are more susceptible when it comes to negative experiences from a past relationship. It is possible that now you have prejudices in your head, but it is necessary to suppress them at the moment of how to look for stable partner more than 40. To be predisposed in front of a new person is the worst way to start. Look at it as a new opportunity, with an open mind and eager to discover a new person who will probably make you very happy.

Sometimes we need a little push because we are not capable of how to make a man like us, but don’t worry because here we explain 7 steps to make a boy like you.

4. How to find a steady partner over 40: Online Dating Pages!

At 40, almost all of us are living a full life, with responsibilities, probably with children and elderly parents. All this means that there is not much time to invest in how to find a steady partner over 40 in the traditional way. Fortunately, today, technology and dating applications have made our lives much easier in every way. Now you have a tool at your fingertips where thousands of people like you meet, looking for a partner at 40.

Pages like Meetic, Solteros 50 and Ourtime are great for this purpose. Create a well-developed profile and you will be amazed by all the candidates who will be there. Leave your prejudices behind and dare to explore the vast world of internet dating sites.

5. Expand your social circles

As the years go by, human beings significantly reduce their social circles. The common denominator is again work, being busy taking care of responsibilities. Our youthful friends are involved in the same thing, they get married and so on, until there is a very small handful left. In addition, we are gradually relating to fewer people. We have to stop, look around and see how we can relate to more people. Practicing new hobbies, such as a sport or going to the gym will expose you to new people, interesting people that you will love to meet.

6. Avoid dating someone who reminds you of your ex

If love has already failed on that occasion, don’t you think it will end with the same result if a new person reminds you too much of your ex? I think so. Strangely enough, many people are tempted to start a new relationship with someone who brings back memories of their past ‘life’. But this doesn’t do any good, unless you want history to repeat itself. In these cases, most experts recommend taking time to examine yourself and even do a little therapy to try to heal the inside. Try a different person, another personality, another flavor, you know? That person will help you heal wounds by just erasing the bitter experiences of the past.

7. Don’t badmouth your ex

It is well known that if you speak ill of someone else, you are speaking ill of yourself. If you’re thinking of making a comment about your ex when you’re on a date, you’d better think twice. On first dates, it’s better to overlook the subject. Not only does it look bad, but you make a bad impression on the person you are dating. First of all, show that you don’t know how to choose someone as your partner. On the other hand, it is clear that it is unethical, and finally, your partner will discover in seconds that you carry all the responsibility to your ex without accepting your mistakes. These are signs of immaturity that people at this stage of their lives are running away from. The least they want is a child who lives to complain. It is critical that you learn this lesson.

8. Starting to try new things is how to find a stable partner over 40

Don’t keep what you know and have done all your life. Explore and try new things. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in the other person too? Then you must be too. The best way is to find new interests and do more activities. For example, visiting other places in the city, practicing a new hobby, reading other books or watching the latest TV series. It’s about updating your version of yourself to be more compatible with today’s world. Don’t you use social networks? Update them, upload new photos, answer a story and follow more people. In addition to offering more interesting conversation topics, it also becomes an added attraction. You attract people around you.

9. Listen to your instincts

This is a great advantage that you didn’t have a couple of decades ago, your instincts. As the years go by, your instincts are sharpened and you must take advantage of them. A large percentage of failures among couples occur because they did not trust their instincts. They had the confidence that the other would change along the way, but that’s almost impossible. When you trust yourself you are able to look beyond a pretty face and feelings. Without a doubt, it is a fundamental pillar for the success of a relationship.

10. Respect the limitations of availability

Once again, the 40 is spectacular, but it is also fraught with responsibilities. You may not have that many, but you don’t know if the other person does. A work schedule to adjust to, commitments to children if any, shopping and other responsibilities. You must be understanding because both of you are in the same situation and at some point you will be the one who suspends or postpones an appointment because of some responsibility you have to attend to. It is true that there is less time to be in an appointment, so those that can be agreed upon should be taken advantage of so that they are as productive as possible.

11. Listen, talk and listen again

Listening is key in any interpersonal relationship; between friends, couples, on dates, in classes and everything you want to mention. It applies to any stage of your life, however, this time we must get the most out of it. Why? Because letting the other person talk and paying attention to what they say will inform you who that person really is. If your date starts talking about past relationships, that’s when you should listen the most. This is the perfect time to get to know the person thoroughly and find out if the problem has been them, or past relationships. Also, good listening makes it easier for you to give a more coherent response and your partner will feel important.

12. Wait for the right time to introduce your children

Most often, people who are in the process of finding a stable partner over 40 already have a child (or more). However, it is not necessary to introduce them to your new partner so soon. The first few months are for experimentation and finding out if everything will work out. It is best to wait at least 5-6 months before introducing your partner formally in front of your children. This way you will avoid possible bitter experiences. Although it seems like a rather long time, consider that it is really a fraction of the time in case your relationship is lasting. After all, you are looking for a stable relationship.

If you follow several of these tips, you will succeed. However, you might also find some tricks to break the ice in a situation. Read our recommendations on how to break the ice with the girl you like.

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