How to Flirt at Work Without Your Boss Discovering You! Practical Advice

Although it is not well seen in (almost) any company, the reality is that a large percentage of employees have had one or more romantic encounters with someone else in the office. It is curious, but as the bonds between the workers become stronger, an evolution in their feelings begins to emerge. Right now you probably don’t know how to flirt at work, but you want to learn so that you can hook up with the beautiful colleague who wears pants that are stuck together and have their toned asses marked. The most fun part of this whole situation is feeling a little adrenaline when you don’t want to be discovered, but it’s important to take it seriously so you don’t end up on the street.

Flirting at work is not nearly as good as flirting through internet dating sites or a nightclub. In those environments nothing stops you from getting straight to the point because everyone is for the same thing. On the other hand, how to flirt at work requires a lot of caution, waiting for the right moment, seducing the one you are interested in and attacking in a disguised way. It even seems like a hunt where the slightest carelessness makes a little noise and you lose your prey. At work, not only will you lose your prey, but the consequences could even mean the loss of your job.

1. How to flirt at work: Show yourself selfless in front of everyone

You already have the target in sight, but for now, you don’t have to shoot. On the contrary, your behavior should be as cool as possible while at work. If you leave small cracks, however small, they will allow everyone to smell your feelings. Very soon you will be exposed and arrived at your plan to flirt in secret. Your cheeks will blush when your partners talk about it. You will even miss gestures of affection towards that person without even realizing it.

Yes, all your co-workers have noticed. Besides, if you have that stereotypical environment where everybody hates their work, gets bored, hates their lives, then you will be the focus of attraction and they will talk about you and your situation until they get fed up.

What are you going to do? You won’t even look at his office when you walk by. You walk in with your eyes up and out in front, without raising any suspicions.

2. Flirt with everyone

You can show disinterest in one person or, on the contrary, flirt with all of them. By all I mean the pretty ones and the not so pretty ones, the young girls and the mature ones too. With this plan, it is likely that a girl you don’t want will be interested in you. It will be necessary to clarify that it was not your intention.

What is the objective of this recommendation? To change the perception of others that you are the serious and not at all funny guy in the company. With such a personality you will not make any girl feel anything for you. But you shouldn’t overdo it because worse than a serious guy is to be a perpetual joke, the typical clown that nobody takes seriously. As you will see, it is a question of balance between seriousness and being cheerful. You could use it in any area of your life, not just at work.

The right balance forges you an image of a man who is serious, but who knows how to talk to women and make them feel good. Sooner or later you will get the interest of many of them and this is when the real game begins. I don’t mean by flirting with all of them at once, but quite the opposite. Abstain from all of them at this stage even if you are desperate to exchange phone numbers, have a date and so on. You have to fight against it. Before you go any further, analyze the consequences.

3. Evaluate the risks and consequences

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether you should have a roll with a co-worker. That question offers two perspectives for analysis: the first is to recognize that a large number of people meet the love of their life at work. We are talking about up to 20% of couples. The second is that this situation could be grounds for dismissal because of sexual harassment.

Obviously, both possibilities, although plausible, go to extremes. Between one extreme and the other, there are countless variables. You have to be calculating about how to flirt on the job to minimize the risks of getting fired.

The key in these situations is not to go too fast. We’re talking about it not being the ideal situation or place to look for a partner, so the game is completely different. So, think about the consequences that your actions could trigger. Before any unrestrained act, it is better to be prudent. Don’t just think about yourself, but about the problems for the other person. A very likely scenario when the wrong decision is made is that the girl tells her partners and accuses you of harassment. Today’s laws against sexual harassment are tough and your reputation will be shattered. Needless to say, you will be out of a job.

Recommendation? Don’t make any rash decisions or sudden moves until the two of you are alone. If you think it’s worth it, then move on.

4. Close your mouths

No one should know, you don’t want anyone to know. Your co-workers don’t have to know your little secret, at least not yet. Otherwise, the gossip will be quicker than the light and will reach the ears of your boss or the human resources director. No doubt she’ll want to talk to you about this situation soon. Keep in mind that everything stays the same, so you’ll have to keep your work routine as it is.

5. Respect your co-workers

While a sexual encounter at work may be your most cherished fantasy, first and foremost, there is you as a professional. That means that your relationship and your displays of affection must be limited by being in front of your co-workers. Promoting and exposing your relationship during your work hours is a very bad idea. Think for a moment that you walk into an office and find a scene like something out of your favorite porn site. You probably won’t like it that much. It’s just a matter of professional ethics. Better leave it all to another place.

6. Leave meetings outside of work

Any flirting, spicy situations and better yet, having sex at work, is a situation at least exciting. It may be the fantasy of many. However, common sense urges us because we know the terrible consequences that such actions could bring. If you want to do things right, then it’s smarter to be cautious and save the fun for when you’re out of the office.

Save all that desire for when you leave work and you can enjoy total privacy. You could go out to dinner in a nice restaurant or plan a dinner at home. If you’re not sure how to ask out the girl you like, find the right advice in our article on how to ask a girl out!

7. Never arrive together

Eventually the day will come when you spend the night together, but as practical as it may be, you should never arrive at work together. By ‘together’ I mean take the same Uber or the subway. Whatever. Nothing is more suspicious than this since you live on the east side of the city and she lives on the west. What’s the point of you arriving together? If you were together the night before, find a way to get there separately. It’s one of the prices of having a fun little adventure at work.

8. Try to flirt with your superiors

It’s not as far-fetched as it seems. In fact, statistics support that more than twice as many marriages of people who met on the job are made up of the boss and his or her subordinate. When the intentions are real and people are looking for more than just sex, then it doesn’t matter that it’s the vice president of the company and you’re just another field worker. There are other advantages to flirting with your boss on the job, such as more excuses for interacting on the job. However, the consequences could be much worse if things get out of control.

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