Is it true that Badoo is free?

Is it true that Badoo is free? The most benevolent opinions talk about it being “almost free”, but the truth is that services that were once free have gradually disappeared, until reaching the current point, where it is clear that Badoo is not “almost free” but quite the opposite: you have to pay for almost everything.

Badoo works similarly to other linking applications, although here there is no age discrimination when it comes to charging for premium services, as Tinder does. In fact, Badoo’s age profile is in the younger age bracket, and it is certainly not the most suitable platform for finding a stable partner. The forums are full of teenagers with boiling hormones, who exchange tricks to try to flirt with Badoo for free. That’s the level. There’s no room for romance, and it’s taken for granted that it’s the men who pay. If you’re gay, or a romantic person, Badoo is not for you.

Badoo is free, but not too much

Registration is free, and little else. You could say that the rest of the services are premium, because everything worthwhile on Badoo has a price, given the limitations of the free version in terms of the low number of contacts we can see, the number of messages we can send, or the visibility that our profile has. If Badoo is free, it doesn’t really seem like it.

Badoo itself seems to have been designed especially to make the game of seduction work in each of its phases. An example: when someone shows interest in you, all you’ll see are pixelated profiles, and there’s no way to know who that person is or to contact them, unless you access the premium options.

Have you used up your daily free messages and want to contact more people? Do you want to improve the positioning of your profile, to appear at the top of the list? There are two ways to access Badoo’s premium services: by buying credits, or by buying Super Powers. Prepare your portfolio, if you are a man.

Credits and Super Powers

The credits allow you to overcome the first obstacles. But it’s very likely that you’ll need a little more help to get your flirt on, and Badoo is always willing to help you in exchange for money.

If you buy Super Powers you’ll be able to see who has voted “Yes” for you in the dating game, you’ll be able to browse profiles invisibly, you’ll be able to undo your last vote when you’ve said “No” to a match, you’ll be able to see who has “loved you”, and you’ll be able to chat with the most popular Badoo users. You’ll also be the first – you and everyone else who has bought Super Powers, of course – to contact new users. In addition, your messages will be at the top of the list, you’ll be able to add stickers to send to your contacts, and you’ll be able to use Badoo without ads.

However, if you choose a paying service, here’s a tip from a friend: disable the automatic recharge in your Badoo account settings if you don’t want to have unpleasant surprises in your bank account, as the dating application will charge you for this concept without warning, every time your available credits fall below 200 and every time your Super Powers run out. The forums are full of users complaining about paying for unsolicited services, and this issue is one of the most common reasons people decide to cancel their Badoo account. Still wondering if Badoo is free?

Are there any tricks to using Badoo for free?

The short answer is no. The closest thing to free Badoo is the promotions where Badoo offers Super Powers in exchange for the user registering on a certain social network, or trying out a certain application. Otherwise, all you have to do is scan the forums for tricks.

Among them, the most popular is to pretend to unsubscribe, as Badoo will try to retain you as a user, and offer you Super Powers for free. But this trick seems to work only once, and for a period limited to a few days. It may even not work anymore when you read these lines.

Before falling into despair, you can always use a trick that works for all dating platforms. It’s as simple as matching your nick to your email, Twitter or Skype, for example, so that anyone who sees your profile and wants to contact you can do so directly, outside of the dating applications.

This trick can be useful when you are not particularly concerned about your reputation, since the strategy of choosing your nick as your email address gives you away as a person who is eager for visibility. And if they find your nick on Badoo and four other platforms, it’s clear that you’re going to hit the jackpot, that your goal is to flirt, and of course to do it for free.

If you’re looking for a serious dating site, I recommend Be2 and for people over 50 the excellent site: singles50.

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