Looking for love? This is the top 5 of the best apps for flirting

Are you thinking of meeting new people, finding a partner or just looking for a good time once in a while? Well, your wish is my command. Choose the one that suits you best, et voilá! The adventure begins.

If you’ve finally taken that last step and decided to try your luck on the net to meet new people, whatever your intentions, it’s time to think about what kind of chat suits you best.

In Spain there are some portals with great reception and a common denominator: attractive, practical and simple design, as well as other similar options, such as search engine, personality test (some more comprehensive than others) and chat (which is usually paid), but each one tries to give its “personal touch”.

To succeed in these chats and achieve the desired goal (or at least get closer to it) you must follow some basic rules that will help you make the path a little easier.

It’s not about doing an interrogation

First, your intention must be clear: to meet new people. It’s true that you don’t know the person you’re interacting with, but you don’t want to overwhelm them by asking a thousand questions. This will only make them feel overwhelmed. Let the conversation flow slowly and naturally.

Give her time to respond

Keep in mind that just like you, the other person has more to do while talking to you so don’t get overwhelmed or, of course, ask him or her why he or she isn’t answering you. Think that making the other person wait is also a good way to create interest in you: the less they pay attention to you, the more you will want to know about them and vice versa.

Make a schedule for yourself

If you have been talking to the same person for several days and you notice a certain ‘feeling’, you can set a daily schedule and enter the chat at the same time. This will create a certain habit and allow you to get to know each other before doing it in person.

Now that you know the basic tips, it’s time to choose which portal fits your style best. These are the most successful portals among the Spanish:


Without a doubt, one of the most successful at the moment. The method of use is as simple as importing a photo from your Facebook and waiting for someone to press ‘like’. If you’re interested, send that ‘like’ back and you can start chatting to see if it’s really your better half and make an appointment.


Lovoo is focused, more than to find a stable partner, to have uncommitted and sporadic contacts. You can use it both through its website and in its application (both for free). The user receives photos of people who are close and can open a chat with them to flirt for free. You can also filter people by gender, geolocation and more specific details.


Aimed at a young audience, it may be more suitable for meeting people, making friends or for sporadic encounters. Many of its functions are free and highlight elements such as photo rating, a quick search engine and chat.


Meetic is possibly the most popular. It bought Match.com in 2009 and is reliable due to its age, as it is the first dating portal to be fully operational in Spain. They look for affinity between couples through similar tastes and compatibility. It has a payment service that offers a “guarantee”, because if you don’t find love within a year they say they’ll give you your money back. It also offers a paid chat for users.


The average age of users at eDarling is a little higher than at other dating sites, because according to their advertising it’s the site for “demanding” people who are looking for stable and serious relationships. To get started, all you have to do is complete a detailed personality test that will give you the keys to finding the type of partner you’re looking for.


Today in Europe, there are about 15 million singles, and they are, for the most part, in search of the sister-soul.

In Europe, 1 person out of 5 has registered on one of the thousands of dating sites that exist!

The time for the newspaper to find the soul mate is over. The figures show that, nowadays it is no longer seen as a pervert if said to sponsor such sites, it became commonplace.

Among the many advantages we can cite its ease of access, and its ability to protect us from an embarrassing situation if the person in front of us pleases us endlessly !

The other’s approach has been completely revolutionized by this new way of online dating. You can now identify, select and better know the person before you launch. The person can find who looks the same as us, to start a relationship on a solid basis, and all with one click.

But many choices can have a detrimental effect, how to trust the sites, know which are good, which correspond to my wishes ? The best thing is to compare.

Our TOP10 Comparison of the best dating sites has been updated for the year October 2020, to offer you, sorted by category, a ranking of the best dating sites to flirt with.



It seems logical, and yet it is the most important rule!

Nestled behind your computer, quietly, it gives you the opportunity to be yourself. There is no need to pretend, to make a quality encounter that really suits your needs.


Now that you are registered, so enjoy it! will take you to the game, complete your profile correctly. It must be complete, quality, and with a maximum of information. Some sites in our ranking will save you valuable time and pass the test of personality and compatibility. Be serious to find the person who corresponds to your best and make meetings quality


It’s easy to make copying paste to sit for more people, both in record time! Don’t worry, you would be neither the first nor the last person you want to make. But know that a generic message was discovered quickly and will reduce the chances of closure.


Avoid insistence, vulgarity, or impatience. If a person does not respond to you, do not feel insulted or harassed that they will. Be patient, follow the other. If the person does not suit you, there will inevitably be another!


Take the time to read the descriptions of the people to be treated, and above all, take time to get to know them. Focus on the profiles that fit and for you.

Remember, you’re looking for a meeting, a webcam meeting or a meeting by affinities, you’ll find your happiness in our TOP10 of the best sites to flirt in 2020.


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