Meetic or eDarling – What is the best application for finding a partner?

Meetic and eDarling target the same population. We’re talking about single people with a certain cultural and economic level, in the 30 to 40 year age group. Which is the better, Meetic or eDarling? If you’re looking to meet people without commitment, but without closing the door on a serious relationship, the best option is still Meetic. And now you can try it out for free by taking advantage of the 3-day offer. You don’t need a credit card. All you have to do is provide an email address, and you can enjoy Meetic free of charge to see how it works. All the details on this dating page can be found in our Meetic feedback post.

The rest of the differences between the two dating platforms have to do with issues such as the number of users each one has, the percentage of women in each case, the way users contact each other, and the more or less casual tone of each one. In short: Meetic is more informal, and eDarling is more serious. This is something that can be seen even in the visual treatment of the websites.

What are we looking for on eDarling or Meetic?

This is where the fundamental difference lies. The rest of the questions will take a back seat, once we’ve answered the dilemma: What am I looking for in dating sites? What is the reason that makes me want to meet other single people? Do I want to stay single, or have I already decided that I want to stop being single? Am I looking for a long-term relationship? You’ll need to ask yourself these kinds of questions before you make your decision about Meetic or eDarling,

In principle, Meetic covers a spectrum that includes both fields of search, both to find a stable partner and to continue meeting other single people, without commitments of eternal love. If you want to prolong your singlehood because you’re still not sure which of the two paths you want to take, Meetic is undoubtedly the right choice.

Different methods of approach

The way to contact other users is different in each of the applications, whether Meetic or eDarling. For example, in eDarling, the process of approaching can count on personalized advice. The initiative comes from the platform itself, selecting for you the different profiles, according to the affinities detected in the questionnaires. In addition, at eDarling the selection process is guided by professionals.

In contrast, at Meetic the initiative is mainly from the user. The selection of profiles is made on the basis of subjective criteria and the tastes of each individual. These criteria may appear to be superficial, or of a more profound nature: from a pretty face or a shared hobby to questions of philosophy or religious belief.

Meetic events

We have already seen that there are different types of approaches when it comes to planning the first appointment. This is an important moment, because everything that may arise later, be it a sporadic relationship or a more serious one, will depend on it.

Here, Meetic’s originality is based on the organization of “ice-breaking” events. These are usually bar parties, with the aim of providing an informal atmosphere for meeting single people. This service is also available to users of the free version, and allows you to invite three more friends, even if they have not registered with Meetic.

The most striking thing about Meetic events, on a sociological level, is the tribal feeling experienced by its members, who are aware of belonging to a community. It is the community of people who, in addition to being single, are delighted to be so and enjoy the company of other members of the same tribe.

➜ Meetic: Registration to find a partner

eDarling and the questionnaires

We already know that meeting new people is not the same as looking for your better half, and that’s why the methods should be different for each case. For its part, Meetic doesn’t give up either objective. Instead, eDarling focuses on finding stable partners. Hence the importance of eDarling’s questionnaires and Personality Test, which are used to detect a high level of affinity between people seeking a long-term relationship.

At heart, eDarling retains some of the same philosophy as traditional marriage agencies. Only, thanks to the Internet, and with the help of psychology and sociology, the probabilities of finding that ideal person reach levels never known in the history of human beings. Of course, the same could be said about Meetic, with the advantage that you can start meeting people in an informal way, without so much ceremony.

Meetic has more users

If we compare both platforms by the number of users, Meetic is the one that takes the lead, compared to eDarling. This also makes sense, because people who are looking for a serious relationship – such as eDarling users – value quality more than quantity. And of course when you’re focused on finding lasting love, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life flirting on the web.

Under these conditions, the single market reproduces human behavior: men are the ones who take the initiative mostly. And they are also the ones who are most willing to pay for the services of dating platforms in general, whether it’s Meetic or eDarling, or any other application.

Edarling and Meetic prices

Although we have already said that price is not a determining factor in choosing one platform or another, it should be noted that Meetic is clearly the cheapest.

However, what really tips the balance when it comes to choosing Meetic or eDarling is not so much the money, but what the user’s goal is, their objective. You can turn to eDarling with a specific goal based on finding your better half, fill out their extensive questionnaires and pay the fee until you find your ideal partner. Or you can choose Meetic for the same purpose, but in a more relaxed, cheaper and informal way.  In either case, these are the prices updated to the beginning of 2018:

Meetic prices

  • 1 month: 49.90
  • 3 months: 34,90 Euro / month. Unified payment, 3 months: 105
  • 6 months: 24,90 ? / month. Unified payment, 6 months: 150
  • 1 year: 14.90 ? / month. Unified payment, 12 months: 180

eDarling Prices

  • 1 month: 69,99
  • 3 months: 39,99 ? / month. Unified payment, 3 months: 120
  • 6 months: 31.99 / month . Unified payment, 6 months: 192
  • 1 year: 22.99 ? / month. Unified payment, for 12 months: 276

One last important difference that affects price: at eDarling, all courier services are fee-based. And one last similarity, too: in both Meetic and eDarling, renewal is automatic. Read the terms of use carefully, to pay only for the time you need, and avoid surprises in your bank account.

Meetic or eDarling: conclusions

Taking into consideration all the elements explained above, one can conclude that Meetic is as good for meeting single people without major commitment as it is for seeking a serious relationship. Meetic’s methods of approach are more fun, and the treatment is more informal. As for the price, it seems clear that Meetic offers more services for less money.

Moreover, as Meetic is the platform with the most users, it offers a greater number of chances to meet like-minded people in any area. On the other hand, on eDarling there are fewer possibilities of finding that soul mate, especially when you live outside the big cities.

It is demonstrated that, in general, the couple relationships are always born from a first informal approach. Even the most established couples, most of them, remember how it all started: in a bar, in a disco. That is to say, in the usual situations where we humans meet to empathize with unknown people. This is what Meetic does for you, thanks to the organization of the events, which are its hallmark. The events provide you with the perfect excuse to make friends with other single people. From there, you can get to know the person you like best. What happens next is up to you.

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