Meetic : Price and offers 2021 to meet single people

Meetic is one of the most popular dating sites in Spain. If you’re thinking about finding a partner, or just want to meet single people like you, then you’ll want to know how much Meetic costs. Learn here what you can save with each Meetic rate. There are several different prices, depending on the length of your subscription, although registration is free of charge. Find out about Meetic pricing and the subscription plans currently available.

Meetic is without a doubt the largest dating site in Europe, with over 5,000 new members every day, and millions of subscribers worldwide. This is one of Meetic’s great advantages over its competitors. The large deployment of this dating application makes it more likely that you will find and contact single people in your area. And as far as prices are concerned, Meetic isn’t the cheapest, but it’s not the most expensive either. Considering its quality, the price ends up being quite convenient. If you want to know more in general terms about its functions and features, I’ll leave you with the opinions and reviews of Meetic here.

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Meetic Price in 2021

As usual in dating sites, there are different prices according to the extension of the period contracted. In this case, the subscriptions are only three: one, three, and six months. Logically, the longer the subscription, the more Meeetic’s price decreases in the monthly fee. Specifically, these are the current prices:

  • 1 month: 18.49
  • 3 months: 9,49 ? for each month. Total: 28,47 Euro
  • 6 months: 5,49 ? for each month. Total: 32.94 euros

It should be emphasized that payments are one-time, not monthly. Thus, if you contract the quarterly subscription, the total amount is the result of multiplying by 3 the indicated figure. This is the amount that will be charged on your card for three months, while doing it month by month would cost you a little more. The same happens with the 6-month subscription. The savings at the end are greater.

Free 3-Day Trial at Meetic?

It’s a question many people ask themselves. As for the free trial, it lasts 3 days, which you can use to check if there are any interesting contacts in your area. You can even make your first friends. In short, for 3 days you can use the same services that you’ll have when you sign up for a subscription. You will be able to contact people, exchange messages, send and receive invitations for your appointments… and you will be able to investigate how the situation is. Find out here how to enjoy Meetic’s services for 3 days for free.

It would be nice to try it out without any obligation, to see how the paid version works. You can register for free with Meetic and enjoy a few days completely free. All you have to do is fill in your details and answer a few simple questions. Although this option is not currently available, it is your time to do so. You can still keep an eye out for the 3-day free trial at Meetic if it’s offered to the public again.

What happens after the 3 free days at Meetic?

Once the 3-day Meetic offer expires, the truth is that the free account services are reduced to irrelevance.  By then, if you’ve made good use of your time, you’ll be able to have your own opinion about whether it’s worth subscribing to Meetic or not.

Remember that, at this point, you haven’t yet signed up for a subscription, and you haven’t yet been asked for your card number. But now you should know if you find Meetic interesting, and you have more elements of judgement to make a decision. And if you’re lucky, Meetic may be able to make you a special offer to encourage you, with an additional discount on the price of subscriptions.

Meetic Free, what can you do?

The free subscription is limited to a couple of things for the user. Come on, just like any other similar site. What we can do while we’re still waiting for the membership payment is to create your profile. All the customization options are available and you’re on your way to the appointment you’re waiting for.  At Meetic, 100% complete profiles are very valuable and have a better chance of being contacted by more people and getting an appointment. That’s why it’s the most important thing you can do at Meetic without buying a paid subscription.

With the free version, all you need to do is take a closer look at the platform’s interface, which I’m already anticipating is spectacular. It’s obviously well worked out. You’ll immediately realize that it’s easy to use and that you don’t need to be an expert on these platforms to use it without any problem. You can also partially view some profiles and they will even discover yours. However, the possibilities of communication are null until this moment.

Other settings, such as changing your password and privacy, are also open to you on the free subscription, but beyond that, there’s little else to discover on Meetic for free. However, as you’ll still have doubts about how this dating portal works, the following article will make it easier for you to use this tool if you don’t know how Meetic works and a few tricks.

I’m going to subscribe to Meetic. Any tips?

If you decide to sign up for a subscription, it might make sense to start with the shortest, i.e. one month. However, our advice is to choose at least the three-month option. When you start meeting people, you will realize that a month will fly by. However, if you can afford the 3 month subscription, you will have a little more time to contact singles in your area. Not to mention that the monthly price of Meetic is reduced by 50%.

But if you’re also clear that your life in the coming months will be geared towards finding love, it’s definitely worth subscribing for 6 months. In short, the clearer you are about the usefulness of Meetic, the cheaper the monthly fee will be.

Remember that, as is usual with this type of service, renewal is automatic. Pay attention to this when you sign up for any online subscription. Read the terms of use carefully, and make sure you request the correct cancellation date to avoid unforeseen costs. If you need more information, you can read our article on Meetic.

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