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I will test you immediately. Think of a dating website, whichever one you want. There are dozens of options. Now think of a dating website exclusively designed for people 50 years or older. Here it gets a little bit funky because there are so many less. Finally, think of a dating website for the over 50’s that also offers free registration. Any? Maybe there are some out there, but I assure you that Ourtime won’t get to your ankles for free. Don’t you believe me?

Find out in detail how this platform works, why it is so recommended, what the users think and also what we think about Ourtime.

What do I get in return for a free dating site?

In contrast to most dating sites dedicated to people 50 years and older (or maybe all of them), Ourtime provides a secure site. Ourtime guarantees a calm, yet exciting, lively and entertaining environment. A platform where anyone who enters with aspirations to get a partner, has a real chance to do so. Certainly, it is not easy for anyone to keep a site like this free of fake users, fake accounts and people with other intentions, but the work to remove and disable these accounts is highly efficient.

See for yourself by completing the registration at Ourtime. Sign up for free now and you’ll be in in a couple of minutes. Ourtime is the most effective tool to get a partner if you are already over 50 and single.


In exchange for nothing, the user automatically enjoys a well-structured platform. It has a very dynamic and intuitive design so that anyone can navigate it without major problems while taking out all the potential.

What else do you get in return? Beyond security, which is no small matter, the quality of the users is also worth mentioning. Most of them are people who are interested in doing something and who come to Ourtime hoping it will be something different.

How do I register for Ourtime for free?

The procedure is completely simple. The first step, of course, is to enter the page by clicking on the following link.

Once inside it is time to create a profile. Nothing, just some basic personal information that is essential to be able to get people to come and get you. Let’s say, location, appearance, tastes and interests… You already know the rest.

Of course, as long as you show more information, it’s normal that it will arouse more interest in whoever sees it. That’s why it’s important to give more details. Then, you can take the opportunity to describe other aspects of the personality and write a kind of biography. Other suggestions that you cannot ignore when creating a profile are to talk about the relationship that interests you. Man, that profile only takes a little time. All this is free in Ourtime. But there’s more. You know what? Sure! Add a good picture of you. Come on, no matter how much text and details you’ve put in so far, it won’t do any good if there’s no photo. We eat for the view and then it’s a prerequisite to have more possibilities.

Did you know that you could register and use Ourtime for 3 days for free? If you want to know how to do it, here’s all the information about the 3-day trial of Ourtime

Find out who is closest to you

Did you create the profile 100%? Leave it with me in the comments I’ll take a look at it to see how it goes. Well, the time has come to know who are the people who are close to you. All you have to do is locate the search engine so that it can begin to locate men or women who are more compatible or who interest you according to your profile. Because I can assure you that Ourtime’s search engine and filters are completely optimized to display only those profiles that fit the requirements or specifications you have previously chosen in the registry.

Additional filters are available in the same search tool. Photos, age ranges, distance limits, gender, and more. This way, the people you collect are those according to your preferences and criteria.

Does free time have advantages?

Ourtime offers much more in its free version than the vast majority of dating websites. By this I mean that there are a few very attractive advantages. I don’t want to say that the free profile is the best, because with the subscription the functions improve remarkably, but in its free version Ourtime is the best in all of Spain and by far.

  • A large number of registered users is Spain and with a sustained growth. It is becoming more and more popular among the single population of 50+ years old.
  • Simple registration procedure that can be completed in a few minutes.
  • Ability to create a very detailed and optimized profile for search engines to be more effective in finding potential partners.
  • Option to fully test the platform for 3 days. All the tools and functionalities of the paid subscriptions 100% operative during 3 days.
  • Interactive and intuitive interface that makes it easy to move around and use the tools in a short time Anyone who registers can exploit the full potential of Ourtime in a short time. If you have any questions, Ourtime has prepared an area to resolve any doubts that may arise regarding the operation of the platform itself.
  • Ourtime is supported by another very important dating site, Meetic. They work in a very similar way and Meetic is, no more and no less, the platform with the great reputation behind Ourtime.

How much does it cost to enjoy this very efficient platform? Here you can consult the different plans and prices of Ourtime.

Ourtime Free: Opinions and comments

There is no better advertising than that given by the users of a service themselves. As always, there will be detractors or simply people who have not been satisfied. In my case, I have used Ourtime for free and as a subscribed user for a long time, I must declare that I have loved it. And like me, a large percentage of users also say they are pleased with the service.

First of all, we must be aware that because of the free service of the platform we could not expect to receive the best features. However, it is clear, compared to other similar sites, that there is a difference in appearance, search and even the very creation of something as basic as the profile. With the free subscription you can create a complete profile and appear in the search engines of Ourtime. The advantages and options available are more extensive.

Dare to try out a platform with a long history and as impeccable a reputation as Ourtime. According to our evaluation, it is an excellent platform where there is a lot to gain. Sign up today.

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