OurTime Opinions: Analysis of the Dating Site for the Over 50’s

Finally a decent dating website for adults, and by adults I mean people over 50. The site has been created by Meetic and of course since its launch we have tested it to give you all the most complete analysis and Ourtime opinions. Thanks to Ourtime, all is not lost if you are a bachelor. There are many people out there and the opportunity to find a mate on this site is very good. That’s why we share our experience here about one of the best dating sites for the over 50’s.

9.2 Total Score

The good number of tools and functions, as well as being intuitive, make Ourtime the ideal place for older singles. It is characterized by the commitment to its users to get a partner at a fairly mature age. Ourtime works excellently and is a great recommendation.


  • Very simple and fast, but reliable registration to restrict the entry of bots.
  • Very extensive profile customization.
  • Multiple contact tools and functions within the platform.
  • Most user reviews and opinions are outstanding.


  • Your subscription, while not the most expensive, is certainly above average.

We have prepared this post to help all those with doubts regarding the operation, reliability and reputation of this new platform. Also to clarify about subscription prices, benefits of premium memberships, how to unsubscribe, mobile application and much more.

What makes Ourtime different?

As usual, internet dating sites are usually aimed at young men and women. For an older person it is much more difficult to fit in and get a partner. Of course, the interests of a 20 year old are not the same as those of a 55 year old woman. Given the need of the not so young who are still single at 50+, Ourtime has emerged, a dating site especially focused on a more adult audience, specifically from the age of 50 onwards. Ourtime is carefully designed for this group of people.

Registering on Ourtime is very easy

The first thing to do in order to join this spectacular community is to register for an account. And the registration, as expected, is free first, and really simple. All you have to do is fill in some data and other fields.

You have to provide, for example, name, email, choose the username that other people will see, among others. Of course, the more information you provide on the platform, the easier it will be for others to find you.

You can’t miss a cool picture where the user is favored and, why not, write a short biography. The latter is not an indispensable requirement, but it adds quite a bit to the possibilities of linking. Especially with people with similar interests or with greater chances of compatibility.

If you want to go immediately to register, here is the link to be part of this community from now on and completely free.

➜ I register for free in Ourtime!

Ourtime works much better when the user takes care of the registration. The photo and biography are valuable to draw attention and generate interest, however, Ourtime must know what you want, what you like. That’s why you should specify as best as you can the person you would like to meet. At the same time it works as a filter.

The most important thing is the age, which obviously must be 50+ years old. Other details of appearance are the height, body constitution, eyes, among others. But there is more curious information, such as marital status, or choosing a hobby that you would like to have in common.

Invitation to a special subscription

Once the whole registration procedure has been completed, Ourtime will invite you to obtain a more exclusive subscription. With such a membership, the advantages and benefits of the platform are greatly improved, but it will be necessary to pay. I will talk about this later on.

Active members of this dating website have really positive opinions of Ourtime. The truth is that it is really cool the effort they have put in to optimize such a site for 50 year olds and singles. They have taken care of the registration aspect, but especially of the search to make it more accurate towards a compatible couple.

You may be interested in getting more information about the services Ourtime offers for free and we have made a summary in a separate article to answer that question. Is Ourtime really free?

I’m already registered… How do I get a partner?

As soon as you have completed a profile and your account is set up, there is no time to lose. The access and availability of the functions is enabled to use all the tools. In the main panel you will see, for example, the people who have visited or viewed your profile, the inbox where conversations are saved, also the Flirts and people that Ourtime has automatically selected as being compatible with you based on the profile, people who are geographically closer and so on.

Thanks to a 100% intuitive design, none of you will have problems navigating. How do you try to make contact with someone? Under each user you see online, a brief information about them will appear (location and age). Additionally there are some buttons: one to create a chat and exchange messages, another to add them to your list of favorite contacts and another to send them a crush like a cupid, to draw attention.

You will surely want to know more about subscription prices. I preferred to leave it in the post you will find in this link to talk about Ourtime Subscription Prices.

Special features for a special dating page

The most important and outstanding feature is, for obvious reasons, the fact that Ourtime is specially designed almost exclusively for people aged 50 and over. And the second feature comes from the previous one: optimized tools to direct you directly to the right person who would best complement you. This tool can be used to its full potential with a complete and well-done profile. There are 3 functions that play the role of a filter so that Ourtime offers a repertoire of interesting users. For example:

  • Gallery: Pictures of profiles previously filtered by Ourtime are displayed in a random way. The user indicates by clicking a button if he is interested in contacting and interacting, or not.
  • Filter: This is the most restrictive function because the user has absolute control over which people he wants to be contacted.
  • Search with filters: It is basically a conventional search engine to which the filters considered appropriate are applied. Such as, location, age, profile photo, height, among others.

However, they are not the only tools available. There are, for example, others that are very useful for someone more shy that help to take the first step in a more subtle way, such as arrowheads. Basically in a wink, a little hint to let the other person know that there is interest. And finally, the very important chat. It is a space where messages are exchanged and where the conversation takes place. It is a 100% private site and where the exchanges begin.

Ourtime – a reliable and secure site? Opinions

Ourtime has set out to be a different site in all respects and one very important one is safety. Compared to a large number of dating pages, Ourtime prioritizes safety above all else. To this end, the highly specialized support team individually reviews each user who registers. In this way, every profile that appears on the platform meets the minimum requirements. Without a doubt, Ourtime opinions is a safe platform where the creation of false accounts that hinder and undermine the community is carefully avoided.

In the event that one of them manages to slip through, the users themselves can ensure the integrity and security of the site. Everyone is able to report any profile that looks bad or suspicious. As soon as a report is sent, Ourtime carries out the appropriate follow-up and protocol investigation and if the accusation is true, then proceeds to disable the account.

This tool can be found in your own profile by clicking on “Alert the moderator”. From then on, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Other good Ourtime opinions come from the “Online Help” tool. For those who are not as experienced on these sites, a situation that is more common among older people, Ourtime opinions has prepared an area to guide users as much as possible. It is usually a good source of ideas and guidance to increase the chances of success when linking or using the platform more efficiently.

There is one last feature of Ourtime that I have loved because it improves the security aspect. You can choose who can see your profile. Anyone who does not meet certain standards or features, as you want to call them, will not even be able to see your profile. Right now you can check it out by trying Ourtime for free for 3 days.

Ourtime opinions: Contact & Support

For one reason or another, at some point it will be necessary to contact Ourtime staff and receive support. Unlike many services, it is very easy and fast to get in touch with the customer service people. It is an effective service and always available in a short time.

You can reach it by going to the Help>Contact Us section. After completing a small form in which also attached the comments, suggestions or concerns you have. It is more common to come here to discuss subscription issues, questions regarding the procedure to register or to learn more about the general functioning of Ourtime.

Does Ourtime work or not?

Few dating websites work as well as Ourtime. Certainly, the greatest benefits and best results are obtained after getting the subscription, but the results are tangible and undeniable. It is a reliable site, which has invested time and effort in providing an optimal service. The community in general is serious and the chances of getting a match are really good. In spite of being a relatively new platform, success and good comments add up to more and more users quickly. I invite you all to join Ourtime to give you all a second chance.

Explore Ourtime in depth and give yourself a chance to get a match at your age. Choose from people like you who are over 50. Ourtime is the right place and you can register right now.

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