POF opinions: Free? Everything you need to know about this dating site

You’ve probably heard of Plenty of Fish, a website with several million users to get dates. It’s mostly known in the United States and Canada, but here in Spain it also has a very wide audience and is getting stronger all the time. In fact, the number of searches exceeds 700,000 in Spain. If you want to know some POF opinions, keep reading that we have prepared a complete analysis about the platform with all the information you need to know. Is it really one of the best dating sites?

6.5 Total Score

Dating portal that brings together millions of users around the world to offer matches for all audiences and interests. It serves both to achieve long-lasting relationships, and just to have a good time.


It has millions of users, being one of the largest platforms in the world.
It is versatile and adapts to whatever you are looking for.
It offers a competent and affordable price for most.


The functions enabled in the paid version are few.
There are more fake profiles than in other sites.
User rating: 3.5 (6 votes)

What is POF?

POF or Plenty of Fish, which means something like, a lot of fish, is a website for getting dates. It has over 90 million users worldwide, making it one of the most popular and widely used dating sites.

Its founder, Markus Frind, built this platform in 2003 and it has quickly taken off. In a short time, several million users were already part of the POF community. Since then, its growth line has been upward and currently about 55 thousand people register daily. In addition, more than 3 million people connect daily to find flirts and partners successfully and easily.

POF is a platform that can be used for free, although there are also additional services for which you do have to pay, but we will talk about that later.

What can you find in POF?

This is a very important question. There are many pages to link on the Internet, in fact, we have done analysis of many others in puedes.eu, such as meetic, but each one usually has a specific audience, or a predominant group. In this case, POF is more versatile. Although it is specially designed for people who are looking for serious relationships, you can find almost anything.

For example, at POF you will find an option to look for people interested in a serious relationship, something more casual, or even if you are looking for someone to marry!

Tools for the user

The POF opinions regarding navigation on the platform are very positive. In fact, its entire interface is relatively simple, practical and intuitive. For example, searches for potential prospects are very personalized. That is, by allowing the user to delve into the details of their interests, they get much more filtered results.

The profile of each user can be completed in great detail, thus enhancing the chances of a successful appointment. For example, questionnaires to define the user’s personality are extensive, and although many find them tedious, it is the best way for POF to optimize the suggestion of potentially compatible profiles, which translates into success.

Another similar dating platform you can explore is Meetic. Everything you need to know about Meetic.

POF reviews: Are there fake profiles

I’ve had the opportunity to use POF for a while to explore on my own. And not just POF, but many other dating sites. What I can be sure of is that none of these sites are exempt from fake profiles. Of course, there are fake profiles here, and the same POF opinions of other users certify it. However, fake profiles are very easy to identify.

A real profile looks like one because it is quite complete. As I explained before, the procedure to have a complete profile is not so short, and it helps users to identify each other. All you have to do is register for free and take a look at the profiles. In fact, I have managed to make several successful appointments in a short time.

For free? POF price and subscription reviews

It’s a good question, but you can answer yes and no, because really, being part of the POF community doesn’t cost anything. In fact, the free subscription offers a few benefits, without the need to pay a single penny. That’s not bad. But then again, the real fun is in the premium plans where you do need to pay for additional services. The most important of all is the increased possibilities for getting appointments.

Even though, like the rest of the dating sites, you have to pay to enjoy the full service, POF is one of the platforms with the most accessible rate for anyone. Below, I will briefly describe the POF proposals in your plans:

81.40 for 8 months of subscription.
51 for 4 months of subscription.
38.70 for 2 months subscription.

Of course, I have opted for the 8-month subscription because, in contrast to similar sites, such as Victoria Milan, the price is remarkably lower.

You can also compare with another great dating platform like Meetic. See Meetic offers and subscriptions.

POF Premium Services Reviews

The advantages are tangible and are obvious when you subscribe. The most important one is that the user’s profile joins the group of highlighted profiles. How does this benefit you? You will now appear much earlier in the search for other users. The chances of being found are multiplied.

On the other hand, the free subscription prevents you from completely seeing other people’s profiles. Now you can learn more about the potential date and decide whether to start the contact. It is always good to know more about someone and be sure to know whether or not it is worth the time.

One feature we all like is that when we send a message, we can confirm if the recipient has read it. It works much like WhatsApp’s blue popcorn. But there is a bonus, because you can also find out if the message has been deleted and who has visited your profile.

A user with a free subscription can only upload 8 images to the profile. This figure increases by 100% when the premium subscription is taken out. The function to send free gifts (3 per day) is also activated. The latter is very cool because it draws a lot of attention from the recipient.

POF opinions and special feature

Each website tries to differentiate itself from others based on special features that attract users and make it easy to use. POF, for example, is very well designed and has valuable tools:

Close to me
It is an indispensable function that consists of filtering people according to their proximity to each other. It works with the location system of the mobile, but in a safe way. In this way, the user is never exposed or reveals his exact location.

It is basically an algorithm that carefully selects the best positioned members for you according to your profile. And as far as ‘best positioned’ is concerned, I am not only referring to geographical location, but to the profile in general. UltraMatch presents a list of 50 prospects, which even though they are not the only alternatives you have, they are undoubtedly the most serious possibilities to get married.

UltraMatch works based on the information provided by the user. But in addition, it also studies the behavior on the platform. That is, with the people you interact with the most, the type of profile you are looking for and the personality questionnaire completed at the beginning. However, do not worry if none of the list catches your attention, because it is not mandatory to keep one. In fact, you have thousands of additional alternatives.

Better prospects
I liked this functionality quite a lot. This is a ranking where the people you have interacted with in the last month are summarized. But in addition, they are classified according to compatibility. POF ensures that when a user stops using the platform because they have made an appointment, around 17% of cases it is the person at the top of this ranking.

Get to know me
If you have ever used Tinder, the ‘know me’ functionality will be familiar to you.  Just scroll through the profile pictures and press ‘Yes’ if you want to know more about that person or ‘No’ to continue viewing. Hopefully, the other party will also say yes, which means you are compatible and can immediately start interacting.

Download POF to your mobile

The mobile application is available for installation on the mobile, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. According to statistics from the same website, 80% of users use POF through their mobile. The interface is perfectly designed to give full operability and functionality through the mobile.

POF opinions, more advantages than disadvantages?

It is common for platforms of this type to have some drawbacks. POF is not the exception, but it’s up to you to contrast the advantages of the disadvantages and evaluate if it’s worth trying this dating website.


The number of users is growing rapidly. Once inside and with a Premium account, it’s a guarantee that there will be plenty of people to contact and meet.
The users’ profiles are complete. It is a mandatory requirement to fill in the profile up to 100% in order to use POF. This reduces the percentage of fake profiles.
It is a very experienced website, which has perfected the operation and keeps everything under control. This translates into security.


Advertising. It’s natural that on the Internet one has to deal with it, but at POF, if you don’t pay a subscription, there’s no way to avoid it.
The registration and completion of the profile, because it is so complete, will take you quite a while to bring it to 100%
If you want to know about other types of dating sites, I invite you to read reviews of C date.

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