Singles 50 Price: How much does it cost to use this dating site? Is it free?

The dating site that is rapidly climbing positions worldwide and, especially in Spain, is called Solteros 50. Why is the euphoria of the mature with this page? Is it free? Well, all the information about the Solteros 50 price can be found in this article. How much does it really cost to use these services? Is it worth using Solteros 50 for free? Find out about all the benefits of a paid subscription and the free version of this dating platform reserved only for the over-50s.

With the boom of dating sites for some years now and hundreds of thousands of people registering daily, it is increasingly necessary to classify these sites to make them efficient. We can find them for young people, for serious relationships, for casual encounters, for married people, for homosexual relationships and, of course, for older people. In this section we have Singles 50. That, it is necessary to emphasize, has an impressive projection, adding more and more people every day.

More details on all aspects and characteristics of this great platform we leave in another article where we share the opinion of other users and everything we think about Solteros 50.

This is your moment to get a partner. You’ve come to the perfect place to get what you want. Try Solteros 50 for free today! Sign up in a few minutes and meet people who are compatible for you. All you have to do is click on the link and complete the free registration now:

Free registration: What can I do?

Certainly, not having a premium membership in Solteros 50 completely limits your real options for contacting a person on the platform. It is completely impossible. The rest of the features also remain remarkably restricted, with only a handful of tools available. However, as I said, it serves to give you an overview of the site and to awaken the need for a paid subscription. This is what you can do with Solteros 50 for free:

Create a profile from scratch: your name and email are registered for the platform. You are counted as a user.
Take the personality test: This is one of the first requirements. From the moment you enter you can complete your entire profile, including the personality test that the platform will use to suggest compatible profiles based on your answers.
Adding a photo to the profile: Select a photo of yourself where you look good to upload it to the platform. Any other premium user on the platform will be able to see you from that moment on.
Visit profiles: Basically, you will only be able to see that they exist, that there is someone there besides you. However, it’s obvious that there will be no way to view the images, let alone contact the person in the profile as long as you continue with the free subscription.
It’s just a matter of giving it a chance. With the free subscription you will be able to browse and explore the site’s interface without any obligation. You will find it very intuitive and simple. You won’t have any major problems. If you like it, then you can get a paid subscription to become a premium member and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. If you made the decision, then I will leave Solteros 50 Price here:

Singles 50 Price: How much does it cost?

The site has 3 paid subscriptions with different prices and durations. Choose the one that suits you best according to your interests and possibilities.

The most popular
9.90 per month. It represents the most economical and at the same time, the shortest subscription as it is only for one month.

Try it out
29.90 per month. The “Try it” subscription lasts 3 months.

The best offer
19.90 per month. This is the longest subscription, extending to 6 months.

Regardless of the duration and prices of each month, the benefits remain the same. That is, no new features are added to any of the subscriptions.

Translated with (free version)

Get your premium subscription now and ensure contact with at least 10 people. Otherwise, Solteros 50 guarantees to extend your subscription as long as you need until you contact at least 10 people. Are you going to miss the opportunity? Of course not! Log in with our link for free and fast registration:

Premium Subscription: What can I do?

The experience changes completely with a premium membership, no doubt about it. Starting with the fact that you can now contact people. But let’s look at the new features enabled in detail:

Viewing profiles and their pictures completely clear. You’ll no longer see that obnoxious blurred image, but you’ll see a person with perfect clarity. It’s your first contact with someone and you can decide immediately whether to write to them or not. Appearance is the first thing we judge.
The time has come to interact with others. There are thousands of registered users and you can write to any of them. The messages are unlimited, both to send and to receive. Singles 50 premium membership price immediately enables the feature to contact others. The chat window is wide and very comfortable to use.
Find out who logged in to view your profile. Solteros 50 provides you with a history of people who have visited your profile. You can see how much others are interested in you and you can also write to them or not.
Add profiles to your favorites folder. For profiles that you want to keep on hand or with which you are in frequent contact, you can add them to ‘favorites’.


The recommendation for all users is to always be on the lookout when the subscription renewal date is approaching. Like all dating pages, Solteros 50 renews its subscription automatically. If you already want to unsubscribe, it is important that you check in advance the exact time to cancel your subscription renewal so that you don’t get upset. The process is not that complicated and can be done in a few minutes. As for the payment method for Bachelor 50 price, you can do it through your credit card or electronic wallets, PayPal, for example.

It’s time for you to try out an adult dating platform that really works. Don’t waste any more of your time on other sites and join Solteros 50! Complete the free registration, get your paid subscription and meet your better half now.

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