The best dating websites and apps for flirting

It’s becoming less and less common to pick up in real life or even try. You don’t have to meet someone in a bar or ask your friends to introduce you to that person you like… Dating apps and websites have made this whole process change and there are all kinds of options for all tastes. Love in times of Tinder has changed our way of finding a better half and if you don’t know where to start, these are some of the best dating websites or apps for flirting that you can find and use from your cell phone.

Whatever matters most to you, you can find love: for polyamorous, for haters, for gym lovers, for those who believe in love at first sight… There are dating apps for everyone and these are some of the best ones you can use for free for casual encounters on a work trip and never see each other again or if you are looking for that person to marry and live together happily ever after. If you’re tired of watching love series and movies with ice cream and no company, these are the best dating websites and apps for flirting that you should take into account. Of course, first of all it is important to know what are the risks or dangers that we can find in this type of apps or websites.

Dangers of using dating websites or apps for flirting

One of the dangers of this type of sites are the “fake” profiles that try to pass for someone who is not real and seek to attract the attention of users for malicious purposes. This is what is known as scammers, which is nothing more than fraudsters who hide behind fake profiles for different purposes. One of the most common techniques used by this type of scammers is to start a friendly conversation with those who try to start a conversation with them and then declare their love for them. From that moment, they indicate that they do not live in our country but that they want to come and meet us, however, the lack of resources prevents them from doing so.

It is at that moment when they ask us for an amount of money to fulfill their dream of meeting us, but far from reality, at the moment we make the transfer the profile will disappear from the web or dating app and we will never know about this fictitious person, who will probably be the one behind many other profiles of this type. Therefore, taking into account that this is one of the greatest dangers, we must be cautious and check the veracity of the profiles that contact us and of course, doubt those who without knowing us ask us to help them with a significant amount of money.

Beyond the dangers of scammers, there are obvious recommendations that we must take into account to get it right: do not lie, do not trust everything they are going to tell you, do not meet with anyone without talking before a minimum or do not go to the home of strangers who do not give you too much reliability. If you are looking for something serious and reliable, there are many sites that allow us to pay or subscribe in exchange for personality tests or to find a partner with the same tastes as us, saving us matches.


Surely you have heard of Meetic and it is one of the best dating sites or one of the best known. The user who is looking for a partner writes his story and gives information about himself but also about what he is looking for: lifestyle, tastes, personal data, images, profession … Once the story is done, Meetic gives suggestions or you can simply use the search criteria to find someone similar to you according to the profiles and their compatibility.

Meetic has been in operation for ten years and is focused on the search for a steady partner but also leaves the door open to meet other singles without any commitment. You can log in for free to see what the site is like and it even allows you to create your profile and use the search engine to find other singles. But to use all the options you have to pay for it and there are several different passes that will allow you more or less options and will have different prices. You can choose a one-month, three-month or six-month pass, and the subscription allows you to save profiles, customize searches, skip advertising or contact the singles you like.


Similar to Meetic and focused on a public looking for seriousness and a stable partner, we also have eDarling.  This website aims to focus or specialize in an audience with an average age higher than the others and people who want a serious partner and not just meet people to hang out. As its own advertising indicates, eDarling is designed for “demanding singles” or for all those who have not managed to find their soul mate.

eDarling is somewhat different from other sites of this style because it is focused in a professional way and with expert advice. You will not go through thousands of profiles and sliding from one side to another but it is focused on questionnaires and a personality test that looks for people similar to you so you can find a steady partner as soon as possible and do not waste time on things that do not interest you. Of course, having “so many services”, you will have to pay to use eDarling.

Ashley Madison

If you are looking for one of the best dating sites but you are far from wanting a steady partner, Ashley Madison is one of the most popular services that offers you to have an affair. You won’t find a partner or meet people but this site is simply dedicated to finding someone you can have an extramarital affair with, a discreet, no-strings-attached hookup that you won’t get caught with.

Ashley Madison has all kinds of tools that make it an ideal tool for people who want to have an affair in a hidden way as it allows you to have control in the inbox or even activate travel features that allow you to meet someone at your destination if you go on a business trip and have decided to go a step further. It also stands out for being an independent page that does not force you to link it to any other social network and thus keep your privacy safe. It has millions of users worldwide and access is free for women looking for men but women looking for women and men (whether they are looking for women or men) must pay.

If you believe that the more people you meet, the more chances to love… POF is one of the best dating sites for you. You don’t have to pay and you will be sure to have more conversations than on any other dating site so avoid it if you are one of those who get overwhelmed because everyone is talking to you. You have to fill out a form, upload your pictures and talk to people who are in your city. It can be a bit overwhelming because it consists of “fishing” as much as you can until you find love. Although it is not so well known in Spain and in non-Spanish speaking countries, you can try a different operation and it is one of the dating websites with the highest success rate. We don’t recommend it if you are looking for the love of your life, but who knows.

If you are looking for something serious, is a highly recommended option. It’s a dating site for middle-aged people (you won’t find teenagers or you rarely will) and is quite similar to Meetic. Focused on 30-somethings, Match allows you to choose what you are looking for and fill out very detailed dating profiles. Finding someone won’t just be a matter of a picture, but you’ll give all kinds of information to find out if you like them or not. In addition, Match has a “virtual dating coach” that will help you find people who are right for you.


Although you may have already tried it, it could not be missed. If you are young and not interested in all of the above, Badoo is for you. Badoo is one of the most popular sites to find a person to hang out with or find a steady partner if that’s what you want. Badoo defines itself as “a social network to meet people” and has millions of users worldwide and thousands of daily registrations. It is a service that you can use through the computer or its website or through the applications for Android mobile or iOS mobile and it is a free service in which you can view profiles and choose whether to discard them or if you want to connect with that person.

Badoo has some fundamental steps: use a filter to find someone you like, swipe to the right if you are interested in that person, talk to other singles with whom you have made “match”. It also allows you to make video calls with those people you know or allows you to broadcast live to answer questions from people who want to meet you. It’s free but you can pay for more flirting options or more features to help you meet new people.


I’m sure you use it or have a friend who does or have used it yourself. But if you haven’t, give it a try. It is very basic in terms of operation and searches for people who are close to you, you choose the maximum distance up to 150 kilometers and if you are looking for a man or a woman. You choose the ratio of kilometers and you will see profiles of people that you can scroll to the right or left and decide if you like that person or not. You can slide to one side if you like it and to the other if you are not interested. If you like him/her and he/she likes you too, you will make a match and you will be able to talk through a private chat.

Tinder has become one of the essential applications for flirting, finding a partner or meeting people. It is a free service although you can pay a kind of “bonus” that are Boosts or Super Likes and that will make you more visible in your area or that will alert your users that they like you, respectively. You can also pay to have Tinder Gold and you will have more chances of finding love because you will see a list of people who already like you and you know in advance that you can have match with them.


Polyamorous people have their own app and it’s one of the best dating sites if you’re looking for something totally different or want to “share”. It doesn’t need real names and Feeld is focused on people who are looking for new experiences in intimate relationships. People who believe in polyamory or open relationships have their place in this app for iOS and Android in which you can date alone or with your partner and which allows you to create group chats to meet all kinds of people, whatever their sexual orientation.

The app allows you to hide under a fake name but you need to link to your Facebook account to geolocate you. The “interesting” thing is that it has options to make groups, for couple conversations or for everything that crosses your mind.


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