Tinder without Facebook – Let’s talk about privacy

Is it possible to use Tinder without Facebook? The short answer is “technically, no”. Because when you register as a new Tinder user, there is only one way to do it and that is by linking the application to a Facebook account, with the consequent loss of privacy that this implies, especially if you want to keep the distance between your dating profile and the social network. However, although it is technically not possible to unlink Facebook from Tinder, there are tricks to prevent your friends, family or co-workers from finding out about your dalliances with the dating app.

Tinder without Facebook, some tricks

If you are not yet in Tinder but you are thinking about it, this article comes in time to let you know what you should do to avoid the effects of the mandatory link to Facebook. The trick is something as simple as… creating a new Facebook account. It’s not a fake profile, but rather creating a profile of your own, with the difference that it won’t be available to the friends you have on your regular Facebook. As a previous step, you will need a new e-mail address, different from the one you gave in your original Facebook, to receive the code that Tinder sends you so that you can register. It is convenient to use some modified version of your real name, for example changing the order of your first and last name, or with an alias that reminds in some way to your real name. It is not exactly a “Tinder without Facebook”, but it is a “Tinder without your Facebook”, which is the same.

Once you have created your new Facebook account, you can use it to register in Tinder. Both accounts will be linked, with the difference that your friends are not there, and you can set the privacy details of your new Facebook to suit your needs. For example, you can publish some of your photos in share mode for Tinder to find and use, if that’s what you want.

As you are going to use your smartphone to register in Tinder, remember that before doing so you must log out of your original Facebook on your mobile, and log in again with your new profile, which is the one that is going to be linked to the dating app. In any case, more cautious users think that this new Facebook account should be temporary, because this social network is not supposed to allow the same person to have two profiles. And please, don’t use the same password on both Facebook accounts as they might block you if they find out that the two profiles correspond to one human being.

Tinder Privacy = Facebook Setting

The above advice about creating a new account on Facebook can also be useful for regular Tinder users. But if you are going to continue with your original Facebook account, what you can do is change the social network settings to minimize the potentially harmful consequences of linking to the dating app in the future. It may happen, for example, that your ex finds out that you are available again, or that a friend’s friend tells your girlfriend that you are in Tinder. These things happen.

It is clear that if you are looking for discretion about Tinder you need to put a lock on your social network. The direct way to get the closest thing to Tinder without Facebook is to access your social network account settings, continue to More Settings, and click on Applications. Here we select the Tinder application, and change the visibility options to “Only me”. This means that neither your friends nor your colleagues will see any trace of your mess on Facebook in the dating app. For more control of your privacy, repeat the “Only me” in the options about future posts, list of friends, who can post on your wall, or who can see your posts and your biography.

In short, unlinking Facebook from Tinder is technically impossible, but you can minimize the consequences this link can have when you value your privacy. On the other hand, if your linking strategy is focused on visibility at all costs, and if you don’t mind that everybody knows about your adventures in Tinder, you could have saved yourself from reading this article.

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