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As its name suggests, be2 is focused on the search for a stable partner. It is certainly not the most popular dating site, nor the one with the most users. You’ll find that be2’s opinions coincide in that it lags behind eDarling or Meetic in terms of the number of users. Even so, be2 has grown a lot since its birth in Germany back in 2004. Today it has more than 16 million registered users in more than 30 countries worldwide. In Spain, be2 has over 700,000 registered users, which makes it one of the top dating sites.

8.5 Total Score

When it comes to starting a stable relationship and with people who have similar interests, Be2 is an excellent choice. It is quite functional and allows users to meet each other without major problems. The low density of users in less important cities in Spain should be taken into account.


The amount to be paid for the premium subscription is clearly below average
Excellent balance between the number of men and women registered
Ease of use of the platform and good design in general

The registered users are not distributed uniformly in Spain.
The community is not so wide and reduces the possibilities of finding interesting people.
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Be2 reviews : Is be2 a low cost dating site?
Although all comparisons are hateful, we could say that be2 is the RyanAir of “serious” dating applications, while eDarling would be Iberia. Basically, both dating platforms share the same destiny, that is, both be2 and eDarling have the ultimate goal of bringing two people together. The methods are similar, but be2’s price is lower. Why?

We’ve already said that the most common complaints have to do with the low number of registered users. Here seems to be the key to that price difference. If the services are not as complete as those of the competition, it seems logical to pay less for them. That doesn’t mean you can’t find your better half at be2. What happens is that, logically, the chances of finding a compatible partner are reduced. Positive feedback from be2 !

How be2 works

The first thing you have to do, obviously, is to register your profile. The next step is to answer the Personality Test questionnaire. Once you have answered the test, the profile is completed by filling out a form. During the process, you will receive the results of the Personality Test for free.

As with the other applications, you should write a personalized message and upload your photos, with a maximum of five. Up to this point, you don’t need to draw your credit card yet. The free version can be used to get an overview of how the application works, but if you want to contact the profiles that the be2 algorithm selects for you, you have to switch to the paid version.

be2, better in cities

The low number of users is usually the biggest problem when it comes to finding a stable partner. This negative effect is even more noticeable in areas far from major urban centers. On the other hand, the great demographic concentration of cities offers a greater number of match probabilities in the same geographical area. Social life in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville, for example, is much more varied. And in the sociology of the urban population new uses and customs are more easily adopted, also in matters of love. In other words, the most cosmopolitan cities are more open to the experience of arranging a meeting on the net.

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What be2 says about itself

Already in its declaration of intent be2 makes clear its commitment to its stable partner search service, differentiating itself from the rest of the applications that include or focus on the occasional purely recreational dating. be2’s algorithm is based on a scientific model of analysis to determine the compatibility between two people, using criteria that come from different sciences such as Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.

be2 ensures that it will only introduce you to couples with a personality that is “especially compatible with yours”, and guarantees you absolute privacy during the entire process, so that you can decide if, when and to whom you want to disclose your personal data. They also promise not to create fake profiles, and guarantee security in the payment process, using a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypts all information so that it is not accessible to third parties.

The official website states that “More than 40% of Premium Users find their ideal partner thanks to be2”. They also claim to have 766,000 registered users in Spain, and that the percentage between men and women is balanced. In fact, if we pay attention to be2’s website, there are more women (57%) than men (43%). You can easily be one of them and add to the statistics by registering in a few minutes. But first, find out how be2 works for free.

The price of be

If you decide to try the premium version, you will have the option to choose the contract periods with different prices:

One month: 9.99
3 months: $29.90 / month (unified payment of $89.7)
6 months: 19.90 ? / month (unified payment of 119.4 ?)
ATTENTION. Important detail: when you contract the option of 9.99 euros for a month, the automatic renewal starts, but not only for one more month, but for 3 MONTHS. Therefore, if you do not want to pay beyond the first month, you must be aware and deactivate the renewal by following the instructions in the section of the conditions of use.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, you can. Registering with be2 is free, as is usual with dating platforms, and you can use it to get to know the general functioning of the site. The search tool is also free.

When you register, you will have to fill in some personality tests, which are going to be used to find people who are compatible with you. This whole phase is also free of charge, including the results of your test, the detailed description of your ideal partner, and the proposals that be2 sends you. However, if you want to contact someone through the messenger service, you must contract a premium service.

What services are free at be2?

In addition to registration, once you have filled out all the detailed questionnaires of the Personality Test – elaborated by a team of psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists – you will be able to see how it works in general, with some specific services.

To begin with, you will be able to access the results of your own personality test. Without a doubt, it is an interesting exercise of self-knowledge that you will be able to do without the need to go to your analyst, in case you have one. Maybe you will surprise yourself with the results. Also, of course, you will have access to what other users have answered in their questionnaires. The rest is taken care of by the algorithm, designed to find the affinities of the couple. The suggestions of compatible people sent to you by be2 are also free of charge.

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Summary: Advantages and disadvantages of be2

In the section of the advantages, all agree in pointing out the price, which is lower than that of its main competitors. The ease of use of the application is also mentioned, as well as the balance between the number of men and women, with 57% of them, and 43% of men, according to the data provided by be2. In the section on disadvantages, the first and main one is the low number of users in Spain.

Register if you want to give Be2 a chance to get a partner in a very short time. The registration process is free and will not take more than 5 minutes. Try your luck with Be2.

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